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US-backed Kurds recover video display them destroying a Turkish tank in Syria

YPG banishment during Turkey Syria
YPG warrior fires an anti-tank barb during Turkish-backed rebel

Screenshot/YPG via

US-backed Kurdish fighters battling ISIS in Syria expelled a
video on Saturday display their fighters destroying a tank being
used by Turkish-backed rebels in northwest Syria, Military Times
initial reported.

Today during about 9:30 am a army targeted and broken a
tank belonging to militant groups underneath a Turkish army’s
authority nearby Azaz sanatorium in Afrin’s Shera district,” a YPG
pronounced on Facebook.

The video shows YPG fighters fibbing on a petrify height and
afterwards banishment an anti-tank barb during a tank. The volume of
repairs or series of casualties is unknown.

Turkey views a YPG as a militant organisation and an extension
of a PKK, that has been perplexing to set adult a possess Kurdish state
within Turkey for decades.

Turkish and YPG army have been contrary on and off for during least
a few months. In late April, a dual sides exchanged rocket
fire, that Turkey says killed 11 YPG fighters. In another
push in July, a YPG claimed they killed three
Turkish-backed rebels and bleeding 4 more.

The conditions is serve difficult by a fact that a US
sells or supplies
weapons to both Ankara and a YPG.

The YPG also
expelled other videos
their army banishment 122 mm rockets from Russian-made

BM-21 Grad systems during Turkish rebels in northern Syria,
Military Times said.

Eric Pahon, a Pentagon spokesman, told Business Insider
that he couldn’t go into fact about either a US granted the
anti-tank barb or Grad systems to a YPG.

Whatever a case, a US provision a YPG with weapons in
a quarrel opposite ISIS has hurt Turkey and is deliberate by
some to be, during slightest in part, since Ankara has begun relocating some-more toward

syrian kurds ypg
Democratic Forces fighters on a hinterland of al-Shadadi town,
in a Hasaka countryside, Syria.


Aaron Stein, a comparison associate during a Atlantic Council, also
told Military Times that a YPG possessing anti-tank missile
systems is a “direct threat” to Turkey.

Turkey has consistently reinforced a limit along
northwestern Syria, where a troops and a YPG regularly
sell rocket
fire. These incidents have continued unabated since of a lack
of US troops participation in northwest Syria.

While a US insists that it
will collect a weapons it has granted to a YPG after the
quarrel opposite ISIS is over, many doubt that will even be
possible, and q

uestions sojourn about what will
occur with rising tensions between Turkey and a YPG after ISIS
has been defeated.

“We will not leave a [YPG] classification in assent in both
Iraq and Syria,” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan pronounced on
Saturday. “We know that if we do not empty a swamp, we cannot
get absolved of flies.”

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