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Trump’s ‘excessive expectations’ are Mitch McConnell’s possess fault

donald trump mitch mcconnell
President-elect Donald Trump gives a thumbs adult pointer as he walks
with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Capitol Hill in
Washington, U.S.


“Can we trust that Mitch McConnell, who has screamed Repeal
Replace for 7 years, couldn’t get it done,” asked President
Donald Trump, on Twitter, of a Senate infancy leader.

He’s not wrong.

Republicans betrothed over and over, for years, that they would
dissolution and reinstate Obamacare if elected. Republican
congressional leaders, including McConnell, chose a devise of
posterior dissolution and deputy by a bill reconciliation
process. They pronounced they could get dissolution finished in weeks.

So, if Trump had “excessive expectations,” as McConnell pronounced on
Monday, who set those expectations?

Of course, Trump should have been intelligent adequate to know that Republicans in
Congress were lying, and they had no devise during all to replace

But Trump is not smart. Republicans had a messaging strategy
directed during low-information voters. They indispensable to adjust for the
fact that they finished a low-information voter president.

Plus, if Trump had non-excessive expectations, what should
he have finished instead? Developed a medical devise that 50
Republicans in a Senate would have liked, that would have
complied with a manners of bill reconciliation, and that would
have been popular?

That would have been an unfit charge even for a Republican
with plain education in medical policy, let alone for one who
thinks a”“risk corridor” is a place where we can squeeze women by
a p—-.

Trump is a fraud. But a Republican medical fraud
prolonged predates him, and he deserves usually a tiny fragment of
a censure for a fact that Republicans have finished healthcare
promises they can’t keep.

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