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Trump took credit for stock-market annals once again — so we graded his claims

Trump NYSEDonald Trump has regularly taken credit for record highs in a SP 500. But are his claims warranted?AP/Kathy Willens

All we need is a operative Twitter comment to know that President Donald Trump tries to take credit any time a batch marketplace hits a record high.

It’s a slight that has played out in 2017 as a SP 500 has stretched good into a ninth year of a longhorn marketplace that has brought it behind to rare highs.

And Trump was behind during it again Wednesday morning, with a array of tweets personification adult his purpose in a batch market’s latest climb to record levels:

So is Trump right?

Not many of a time. While there have been times this year when a supposed Trump trade — or a guarantee of business-friendly policies — has positively been obliged for a gains, there have also been prolonged stretches when other factors were pushing returns.

To best consider Trump’s vacillating change on stocks, we’ve looked during a SP 500 on a periodic basement and zeroed in on that bullish component was indeed many obliged for strength. When tied together, they yield a flattering good thought of how a benchmark has left from one high to a subsequent over time — and it hasn’t always concerned a president.


At a commencement of any domain is a draft display a opening of an index of bonds tracking rarely taxed companies, relations to a SP 500. The magnitude is dictated to offer as a substitute for a outcome of Trump’s due policies on a benchmark, with a meditative being that a obscure of a corporate taxation rate has prolonged been seen as a debate guarantee many expected to be passed.

If a high-tax index is outperforming, that implies a high grade of altogether certainty in a Trump trade and therefore outsize change being exerted on a SP 500. If a sign is underperforming (in disastrous territory), that pragmatic a low grade of certainty and minimal influence.

And bear in mind that if a line veers into disastrous domain (which — spoiler warning — it does), that isn’t contemplative of a broader batch marketplace — it’s only a many actionable partial of a Trump trade. The SP 500 as a standalone entity has regularly strike record highs this year.

In a end, hopefully, we’ll have given we adequate information to interpretation for yourself either Trump has, in fact, been as indispensable to a batch convene as he claims to be.

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