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Trump fan Steve Schwarzman was asked what a boss is doing for women, and it got flattering awkward

trump steve schwarzman
Schwarzman didn’t have a
lot to contend about what Trump is doing for

Chip Somodevilla/Getty

At a discussion about women in a workplace, Blackstone Group
owner and CEO Steve Schwarzman was asked about what
President Donald Trump was doing for women.

Things got awkward.

Schwarzman, a tighten crony and fan to a president,
initially hesitated before mostly articulate around the
question, redirecting a concentration to a president’s daughter,
Ivanka Trump, and fixation a weight on Congress.

“What is your long-term perspective on what President Trump is doing for
women,” a judge asked Schwarzman on theatre this week during The
Wall Street Journal’s Women in a Workplace

“Geez,” Schwarzman responded, stammering for several seconds
before entertainment a response.

He continued:

“The personality in a administration is Ivanka Trump. She’s got a
whole bulletin of things to do for women. She’s utterly aggressive,
in a poetic way, to try and press that agenda.

“I’m not an executive spokesman, I’m only here for women’s
event. we consider there’s a genuine concentration by her and responsiveness
indeed by her father to that. ”

Trump has mostly come underneath glow per his diagnosis of women,
a many critical instances including
allegations of passionate attack and the
coarse “Billy Bush” audio recording in that he described
groping women. He’s called a allegations fabrications and
upheld off a audio recording as “locker room talk.” 

As recently as final week, he came underneath fire
for rolling behind manners requiring employers to yield women
birth control, supposing it contradicts their religious
or dignified beliefs.

Schwarzman has lauded Ivanka’s process proposals in a past,
essay an Op-Ed in The Wall Street Journal over a summer

endorsing her plan to enhance paid family leave benefits
for new parents. 

When a judge followed adult with Schwarzman about a timeline
for Ivanka Trump’s bulletin to uncover some results, Schwarzman
deflected shortcoming to Congress.

“Some of that’s unequivocally things that a Congress has to do,”
Schwarzman said. “The US Congress has found some flattering unique
ways to not accomplish things.” 


You can watch a sell below:


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