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Trump addresses murdering of 4 US soldiers for initial time, secretly claims Obama never called Gold Star families

Trump finger rose garden
Donald Trump speaks with reporters in a Rose Garden of the
White House.

Evan Vucci/Associated

President Donald Trump addressed a murdering of 4 US Army
servicemen, including three US Green
Berets, in Niger for a initial time on Monday, saying
that he has created and will call a soldiers’ families.

“I’ve created them personal letters. They’ve been sent or they’re
going out tonight,” Trump pronounced during a press conference. “I will
during some indicate … call a relatives and families.”

“President Obama and other presidents, many of them didn’t make
calls,” Trump added. “I call when it’s appropriate.”

The soldiers were killed on Oct 4 when a corner patrol
consisting of US and Nigerien army was withdrawal a assembly with
genealogical leaders in trucks.

They were ambushed by 40 to 50 militants in vehicles and on
motorcycles. Eight Nigerien soldiers and dual US infantry were also

Members of a Obama administration were discerning to contend that Obama
did call a families of soldiers killed during his time in
office, referred to as Gold Star families.
That enclosed Alyssa Mastromonaco, a former emissary arch of
staff, who called Trump’s
explain a “f—— lie.”

In 2012, there was a gossip that Obama sealed letters to Gold Star
families with an automobile pen, for that Trump criticized a former
boss on Twitter.

“Too bustling personification golf?” Trump tweeted.

Obama’s administration, however, denied a accusation.

“The President privately signs any minute to the
families of depressed use members in Iraq and Afghanistan,”
National Security Council orator Tommy Vietor pronounced during a time.
“And he has pronounced many times that it is one of a many difficult
tools of his pursuit and a sign of a unusual sacrifices
finished by a group and women in uniform.”

By a finish of August, Trump had also taken 3 times more
convenience time than Obama had, according to The
Washington Post, and he had also played golf 7 some-more times
than Obama, according to

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders responded to a critique Monday
evening, observant that “The President wasn’t criticizing
predecessors, though saying a fact.”

“When American heroes make a ultimate sacrifice,
Presidents compensate their respects,” Sanders said. “Sometimes they
call, infrequently they send a letter, other times they have the
event to accommodate family members in person. This President,
like his predecessors, has finished any of these. Individuals
claiming former Presidents, such as their bosses, called each
family of a fallen, are mistaken.”

Watch Trump’s full comments below.

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