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The recently liberated Taliban serf primarily didn’t trust Donald Trump was president

joshua boyle
Boyle walks by a airfield after nearing with his mother and
3 children during Toronto Pearson International Airport, scarcely 5
years after he and his mother were abducted in Afghanistan in 2012
by a Taliban-allied Haqqani network, in Toronto, Ontario,
Canada, Oct 13, 2017


A Canadian male who was
recently liberated after
5 years in Taliban chains primarily didn’t believe
Donald Trump was inaugurated US president.

Joshua Boyle, who returned home to Canada on Friday evening

after a 5 year ordeal, was told by one of a captors that
Trump had been
inaugurated boss late final year before to filming a
“proof-of-life” video.

“It didn’t enter my mind that he was being serious,” Boyle

told The Toronto Star, in a wide-ranging talk from
Boyle’s relatives residence outward of Toronto.

Boyle, and his wife, Caitlan Coleman, were
kidnapped by a Taliban-allied Haqqani network after
roving to Kabul, Afghanistan in 2012.

The integrate was was reason in a array of tiny, subterraneous cells
along a Afghanistan-Pakistan with small entrance to television,
radio, or any reading materials.

Boyle told The Star that some of a cells they were reason in were
no incomparable than a bathtub, and a usually party they were
supposing was a square of marker and a slate.

He also recounted
horrific sum of a ordeal, alleging that his mother had
been raped by a captors and was forced to cancel a baby.

Coleman and Boyle had 3 children in captivity, who are now
adjusting to life in Canada. Coleman was 5 months pregnant
when she was kidnapped, and a integrate told The Star they kept
Coleman’s second pregnancy secret, right adult until a impulse of

The family was liberated by Pakistani confidence officers, handling on
US intelligence, in a
bloody shootout that left their captors dead.

Boyle was
primarily demure to get on a US ride craft after
being freed. One US central told The Associated
Press that Boyle had been shaken about being in “custody”
since of his background, yet another central simplified that
a family was not rigourously in US custody.

Joshua Boyle Caitlan Coleman Taliban
Linda Boyle, left and Lyn Coleman reason print of their married
children, Joshua Boyle and Caitlan Coleman, who were kidnapped by
a Taliban in late 2012, Wednesday, Jun 4, 2014, in
Stewartstown, Pa.

AP Photo/Bill

The family took a blurb moody behind to Canada.

Boyle’s outing to Afghanistan lifted eyebrows. He was formerly
married to Zaynab Khadr, a comparison sister of Omar Khadr, a former
Guantanamo Bay detainee, and a son of a distinguished Al-Qaeda
financier. Omar Khadr — afterwards usually 15 years aged — was prisoner by
US army following a firefight that left a US Army Sergeant dead
in 2002.

And Coleman’s father, Jim Coleman,
told “Good Morning America” on Friday: “Taking your pregnant
mother to a really dangerous place, to me, and a kind of chairman I
am, it’s unconscionable.”

Boyle responded, observant that he is a “harmless hippie,” and that
he and Coleman went to Afghanistan for charitable reasons.

“Anybody who knows me would giggle during a idea that we went with
designs on apropos a combatant,” Boyle told The Star.

As for his captors, Boyle told The Star a Haqqani network “are
people who have no relations in life that are not purely

“They have no genuine friends, usually cohorts. They have no wives,
children. Those we met who were not orphans spoke of hating their
parents,” Boyle added.

For now, Boyle pronounced he’s looking brazen to spending peculiarity time
with his kids. Boyle told The Star his oldest child, Jonah, aged
4, was “so excited” to be giveaway “he only wanted to lay on his pile
of toys with a enormous grin on his face.”

“He wanted to lay there and bask in being ‘no bandi’ after all of
this time,” Boyle said. “Bandi,” according to a Star, is what
Haqqani captors call their hostages.

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