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Stephen Colbert calls Trump’s tweets directed during Mika Brzezinski a ‘buffet of s—‘

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President Donald Trump’s latest diatribe on Twitter has flabbergasted
“Late Show” horde Stephen Colbert.

“I wish to contend something right now that we did not consider was
probable anymore,” Colbert pronounced during a start of his uncover Thursday
night. “I am repelled by something Donald Trump said. we suspicion by
now after 5 months of this that my essence had calcified into a

Colbert is referring to Trump’s tweets on Thursday morning aimed
at MSNBC “Morning Joe” cohost Mika Brzezinski, in that he
wrote: “I listened feeble rated @Morning_Joe speaks badly of me
(don’t watch anymore),” Trump tweeted.
“Then how come low I.Q. Crazy Mika, along with Psycho Joe
[Scarborough,] came to Mar-a-Lago 3 nights in a quarrel around New
Year’s Eve, and insisted on fasten me. She was draining badly
from a face-lift. we pronounced no!”

The intolerable twitter is
reputed to be a response to a shred a uncover did that
morning that took aim during a feign Time repository cover featuring
Trump that hangs during several of Trump’s golf clubs and properties,
according to The
Washington Post.

“Nothing creates a male feel improved than creation a feign cover of a
repository about himself fibbing each day and destroying the
country,” Brzezinski said.

Trump tweeted 30 mins later.

“First of all, someone draining badly during your doorway and we say,
‘No’? It sounds like your health caring plan,” Colbert said.

The late night horde also called Trump’s tweets “shocking,”
“vicious,” and a “buffet of s—.”

Brzezinski responded to Trump’s tweets with her possess on Thursday:

The “small hands” poke refers to Trump’s distrurbance for years that
people consider he has tiny hands and fingers.

“Really Mika, creation fun of a distance of his hands,” Colbert said
of a tweet. “I’m some-more disturbed about a distance of his mind at
this point.”

Watch Colbert’s whole opening digression below:


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