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Sir Vince Cable: Older people who voted for Brexit have ‘comprehensively shafted a young’

Vince Cable
Cable pronounced a older
era have “completely shafted a young” in voting

Peter Byrne/PA Wire/PA

LONDON — Liberal Democrat personality Sir Vince Cable has accused
over-65s who voted for Brexit of being “self-declared
martyrs” in a Mail on Sunday

Cable, who was allocated personality of a Lib Dems final month,
writes that Britain’s comparison era “completely shafted the
young” when 64% of them voted for Britain to leave a European
Union in Jun final year. In comparison, 71% of under-25s voted

“The aged have comprehensively shafted a young,” a MP for
Twickenham says.

“And a aged have had a final word about Brexit, commanding a
universe perspective phony by nostalgia for an majestic past on a
younger era many some-more gentle with complicated Europe.”

In his article, Cable highlights a generational order the
referendum done clear, and how he was “struck by a heavily
Remain view in colleges and schools, and a heavily Brexit
mood of church-hall meetings packaged with late people.”

While immature people will now be faced with being incompetent to buy
property, flourishing pursuit insecurity, and singular career progression,
comparison people have comparatively reduction to lose, he claims.

He also expresses regard about a “violence”
of some language that has been used to discuss

“We haven’t nonetheless listened about ‘Brexit jihadis’ though there is an
undercurrent of assault in a denunciation that is troubling,” he
writes. “We have already had a many romantic of Brexiteers, such
as Nigel Farage, warning of polite disturbance if a ‘will of the
people’ is frustrated.”

Last month, Cable told Business
Insider that Britain might opt to stay in a EU notwithstanding the
outcome of a referendum.

“We are faced with a sheer choice between crashing out of a EU
with a no understanding or a really bad deal, or on a other palm going
behind to membership,” he told BI. “That’s because my celebration argues that
we should have a serve opinion on this. That didn’t ring with
electorate during this year’s election. We all know that. It was
beforehand and people suspicion we were harking behind to a last
one. But in dual years time when it’s really transparent what a economic
impacts are we consider a open will acquire that kind of option.”

When asked if a UK could in fact stay in a EU, Cable added:
“It’s positively a possibility. It’s not nonetheless a probability.”

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