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Russia appears to be winning a hearts and minds of Afghanistan improved than a US

President Vladimir Putin during a rite of receiving credentials
during a Kremlin in Moscow, Sep 26, 2012.

Alexander Zemlianichenko/AP

The US and Russia have during slightest one thing in common: They’ve both
fought long wars in Afghanistan but certain results.

While a US still seeks a infantry feat in Afghanistan,
Russia pulled out scarcely 3 decades ago and has given sought a
public approach to change a war-torn nation — and it
appears to be profitable off.

“The Russians are ramping adult political, mercantile and
promotion activities to urge their picture and reestablish
their change amid pervasive crime that is impeding
swell in Afghanistan,” Arturo Munoz recently wrote in a RAND
Corporation piece.

The Kremlin appears to be helping a Afghan supervision and
a Taliban, effectively hedging a bets in a eventuality one side
emerges victorious, Munoz wrote.

Russia has aided a Taliban in a quarrel conflicting ISIS —
nonetheless a dual belligerent groups reportedly work together at

Moscow also recently gave a government
10,000 Kalashnikov rifles, affianced economic
support for a country’s housing sector, reopened a Russian
informative center, and is investing in about
150 other projects that could
boost Afghanistan’s economy and assistance Russia recover a moral

“According to an gifted Afghan businessman, the
flourishing Russian rendezvous in Kabul business ventures and other
activities produces disastrous comparisons with Americans,” Munoz

US infantry soldiers bleeding conflict bombing fight in Afghanistan Kabul
soldiers attend to a bleeding infantryman during a site of a
suicide-bomb blast in Kabul, Afghanistan, Jun 30,


Russians reportedly now travel a streets but fear or
a need for escorts, while Americans have or need a exact
opposite, Munoz wrote.

While Russia appears to be regulating soothing energy to their
advantage, a US is still regulating tough power. There are nearly
10,000 infantry still
on a ground, and a Pentagon announced on
Tuesday that it would be deploying 100 some-more Marines to the

The US is spending about $3.1 billion a month on a war,
that has killed some-more than 2,200 US crew and bleeding 20,000
some-more given it began in 2001.

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