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OBAMA: The Senate check is ‘not a health caring bill’

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Barack Obama onstage during his farewell residence in

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In a singular open statement, former President Barack Obama
published a Facebook
post on Thursday slamming a Senate Republicans’

medical bill, the sum of that were expelled on

Echoing the
critique of tip Democratic lawmakers, Obama argued that the
vigilant of a bill, famous as a Better Care Reconciliation Act,
is not to urge healthcare, though to palm a “massive” taxation break
to rich people and businesses. 

“The Senate bill, denounced today, is not a health caring bill,” he
wrote. “It’s a large send of resources from middle-class and
bad families to a richest people in America.”

Obama did not chop difference in presaging that, if a check is
upheld subsequent week, it would mistreat immeasurable numbers of Americans. 

“Simply put, if there’s a possibility we competence get sick, get old, or
start a family – this check will do we harm,” he wrote. “It
would lift costs, revoke coverage, hurl behind protections, and
hurt Medicaid as we know it,” according to medical providers
and non-partisan analysts. 

He listed a ways in that a check would revoke coverage. 

“Those with private word will knowledge aloft premiums and
aloft deductibles, with reduce taxation credits to assistance working
families cover a costs, even as their skeleton competence no longer
cover pregnancy, mental health care, or costly prescriptions,”
Obama wrote. “Discrimination formed on pre-existing conditions
could turn a normal again. Millions of families will lose
coverage entirely.”

Obama also steady a explain that he has done in a past: that he
would support a Republican medical check that softened on his
signature legislation, the Affordable Care Act. 

“If Republicans could put together a devise that is demonstrably
improved than a improvements we done to a health caring system,
that covers as many people during reduction cost, we would gladly and
publicly support it,” Obama wrote. 

He resolved that a medical discuss is “something bigger than
politics,” and defines a inlet of America.  

“It’s about a impression of a nation – who we are, and who we
aspire to be,” he said.

The Better Care Reconciliation Act of would hurl behind most of the
Affordable Care Act (better famous as Obamacare), including
several taxation provisions, and scale behind appropriation that goes toward
health coverage for low-income Americans and taxation credits for
middle-income earners who squeeze their possess health insurance.

The devise would also yield appropriation designed to assistance stabilize
a Obamacare word markets in a nearby tenure and flue money
by programs to cut off entrance to appropriation for abortion

Moderates in a Senate are concerned about a bill’s
slicing of Medicaid spending. Obamacare’s Medicaid
expansion, that extended a module to those creation 100% to
138% of a sovereign misery limit, would be phased out over three
years starting in 2020.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is pulling for a vote
on a check by a finish of subsequent week.

Bob Bryan contributed to this report.

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