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‘No stained garment, no smoking gun, nothing,’: Cosby juror explains because he wasn’t assured by a plaintiff

Bill Cosby hearing Jun 2017Getty

One of a jurors in Bill Cosby’s hearing pronounced that he did not find
a indictment of rape convincing given a charge had ragged a
unclothed midriff and had no “stained garment” to show.

Last December, famed comedian Bill Cosby was
charged with three
depends of aggravated faulty assault in propinquity to
allegations that he unperceiving and molested Canadian basketball
actor Andrea Constand in 2004.

On Jun 17, a decider in Cosby’s case
announced a mistrial after a 12-person jury spent 6 days
and some-more than 50 hours perplexing to confirm either Cosby was guilty
or trusting of passionate assault. Once a box went public, more
than 60 women
have come brazen with identical accusations of passionate assault
opposite a comedian.

“She was well-coached,” a juror, who spoke on condition of
told The Inquirer and The Daily News. “Let’s face it:
She went adult to his residence with a unclothed midriff and scent and bath
salts. What a heck?”

The juror afterwards combined that Cosby had already “paid dearly”
with his busted repute and should not be done to go through
another trial. That said, he still refused to contend either he
wanted to find Cosby guilty or innocent.

The juror also pronounced that, during one point, 10 out of a 12
jurors believed Cosby was guilty before 3 jurors changed
their minds and a decider had to announce a mistrial. Throughout
a deliberations, jurors had problem with authorised terms such as
“reckless” and “severely impaired,” with a juror adding that
a denunciation describing a depends of attack was “too

Even yet Cosby’s invulnerability lawyer spent
usually 6 mins to contend that a attribute was consensual,
a juror still pronounced that he found Cosby some-more convincing
than a prosecution, that spent 5 days laying out extensive
justification from a police, authorised experts and Constand

He pronounced that Constand should have usually seen Cosby during his
home if “she was dressed scrupulously and left a scent in the
store” and was shabby to go to pull brazen on a trial
years after by her mother.

“No stained garment, no smoking gun, nothing,” he said,
adding that we could pull small from justification from decades

He serve combined that a accusations of 60 women who have
given come brazen with identical accusations had played no purpose in
his deliberations — he suspicion many of them done adult their claims
to get attention.

“This is ridiculous, unbelievable,” he said. “I consider more
than half jumped on a bandwagon.”

While a building pronounced that he was unapproachable of carrying done
his county duty, he does not devise on profitable courtesy if there is
a second trial.

“They should’ve left it closed,” he said.

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