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The leaked Baltimore military video has killed their ‘credibility’ and led to an avalanche of forsaken cases

Body Cameras
camera footage showed an officer relocating a bag of weed into a food

YouTube Screengrab (The
Washington Post)

Video footage of a patrolman appearing to plant drug justification during a
crime stage has led to a exclusion of dozens of other criminal
cases in Baltimore.

Last month, a physique camera video surfaced
in a media, showing a military officer putting a
bag with pills into a can and afterwards covering it adult with waste as
dual other officers watched.

Richard Pinheiro,
identified by open defenders as a officer in the
video, has
given been dangling while a dual others were placed on
executive avocation until a investigation

Baltimore’s State Attorney’s Office has also launched
an examination into a specific video along with over a
hundred other cases involving one of a 3 officers.

By Aug 2, state attorneys
discharged 41 cases involving drug-related felonies and
arms possession that would have relied solely
on testimony from one of a 3 officers. The New York
Times reports that 27 cases have been authorised to go brazen while
55 others are still underneath review. 

According to a New York Times, military officers’ body
cameras embody footage 30 seconds before a officer hits the
record symbol — a fact of that a officers might not have been
wakeful during a time.

“The credit of those officers has now been directly
called into question,” Baltimore’s
state attorney Marilyn J. Mosby said at a news
discussion final week.

While Baltimore’s military commissioner Kevin Davis pronounced the
footage was “as critical as it gets,” a military dialect also
pronounced that they were also looking into either officers found the
bag progressing and attempted to reenact how it happened for the

“This is kind of a training and a hearing period, right?”
Mosby pronounced during a conference. “All of a body-worn cameras
haven’t even been implemented, and we consider that we’re going to go
by flourishing pains.”

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