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Mueller reportedly interviewed a author of a Trump-Russia dossier — here’s what it alleges, and how it aligned with reality

FILE PHOTO: U.S. President Donald Trump looks adult while hosting a House and Senate care lunch during a White House in Washington, U.S. Mar 1, 2017.  REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque/File Photo
President Donald Trump looks adult while hosting a House and Senate
care lunch during a White House in


  • Special warn Robert Mueller’s inquisitive team
    interviewed a maestro British view who gathered a explosive
    Trump-Russia dossier over a summer.
  • The timeline of major, game-changing events that
    unfolded in a final months of a choosing coincided with
    several of a dossier’s allegations of swindling and
    bungle between several Trump associates
    and Russia.
  • Questions sojourn about either a events — such as a
    change in an amendemment to the GOP height on Ukraine
    and a recover of hacked DNC emails — were concurrent with
    a Russians to maximize a deleterious effects on Hillary
    Clinton’s campaign. 

Special warn Robert Mueller has interviewed a veteran
British view who wrote a collection of explosive memos
alleging ties between President Donald Trump’s
debate group and Russia, CNN reported on Thursday.

The explanation came one day after a authority of the
Senate Intelligence Committee, Richard Burr, told reporters that
a cabinet had been user “backwards” to inspect the
memos as partial of a apart though together investigation
into Russia’s choosing meddling.

The memos were gathered into a dossier by maestro British
view Christopher Steele, who was hired by a Washington, DC-based
antithesis investigate organisation in June 2016 to
investigate the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia. The
firm, Fusion GPS, was initial hired by vague anti-Trump
Republicans in late 2015. Democrats took over appropriation for the
firm’s work after Trump won a GOP nomination.

Steele constructed memos from Jun by December, during which
indicate Fusion, with his permission, gave a dossier to Republican
Sen. John McCain. McCain afterwards gave it to a FBI executive during the
time, James Comey. Comey, along with a former Director of
National Intelligence James Clapper and former CIA Director John
Brennan, briefed both President Barack Obama and
then-President elect Trump on a dossier’s allegations in

Intelligence officials purposefully wanting a dossier
from a open comprehension news they diminished in January
about Russia’s choosing division since they didn’t wish to
exhibit that sum they had corroborated, according to

Comparing events that unfolded during a debate with the
dossier’s allegations yields some distinguished coincidences.

The request includes allegations of a
quid-pro-quo in that Russia concluded to trickle a hacked
Democratic National Committee emails to WikiLeaks in sell for
a Trump debate sidelining Russian charge in Ukraine as a
debate issue. It also alleges that Trump’s former campaign
chairman, Paul Manafort, managed a communication between Russia
and a campaign.

We now know that, while he was debate chairman,
offered to give
“private briefings” about a Trump debate to a Russian
oligarch and fan of Russian President Vladimir Putin,
according to emails reviewed final month by The Washington Post
and The Atlantic. Manafort also asked a longtime
Russian-Ukrainian worker in early Apr how he could use his
media coverage and high-level debate purpose to collect past

At slightest 5 other Trump associates — Attorney
General Jeff Sessions, former inhabitant certainty playmate Michael
Flynn, longtime playmate Roger Stone,  former campaign
playmate Carter Page, and debate inhabitant certainty playmate JD
Gordon — reportedly 
met with Russia’s
envoy to a US, Sergey Kislyak, in a latter half of
2016. The FBI reportedly achieved a FISA aver to monitor
Page’s communications after he returned from a outing to Moscow
final July. He and Flynn are named in a dossier as being
complicit in a purported collusion.


FILE PHOTO: Paul Manafort of Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump's staff listens during a turn list contention on certainty during Trump Tower in a Manhattan precinct of New York, U.S., Aug 17, 2016. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri
of Republican presidential hopeful Trump’s staff listens during a
turn list contention on certainty during Trump Tower in the
Manhattan precinct of New York


Carter Page, an early unfamiliar process playmate to Trump, visits
Moscow, a GOP height is changed, tip Trump surrogate
then-Sen. Jeff Sessions meets Russia’s US envoy Sergey
Kislyak, WikiLeaks publishes hacked DNC emails, and a FBI opens
a review into Russia’s interference.

Dossier allegations

Jun 20, 2016:  The dossier alleges that Trump had been
cultivated by Russian officials “for during slightest 5 years,” that
a Kremlin had compromising element compared to “sexually
perverted acts” Trump achieved during a Moscow Ritz Carlton, and
that Trump’s middle round was usurpation a unchanging upsurge of
comprehension from a Kremlin on Hillary Clinton.

The upsurge of comprehension is being facilitated by Paul
Manafort, afterwards Trump’s debate manager, who is regulating Carter
Page as a “liaison” between a debate and the
Kremlin, a dossier says.

Actual events

Jun 9, 2016: Donald Trump Jr. hosts Russian counsel Natalia
Veselnitskaya and Russian-American lobbyist Rinat Akhmetshin at
Trump Tower after being betrothed compromising information about
Hillary Clinton. Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort attend the
meeting. Manafort takes records that reportedly
reference donations and a Republican National Committee.

Jul 7, 2016: Page, who served as an adviser
“on key
transactions” for Russia’s state-owned appetite giant
to Moscow to pronounce during a New Economic School. There, he
gives a debate that is heavily vicious of US unfamiliar policy. He
stays in Russia for approximately 3 days.

Dossier allegations

Jul 19, 2016: A Russian source tighten to Igor Sechin, the
boss of Russia’s state-owned oil association Rosneft, “confided
a sum of a new tip meeting”  between Sechin and
Trump debate playmate Carter Page while Page was in Moscow in
early July.

Sechin “raised with Page a issues of destiny shared energy
team-work and prospects for an compared pierce to lift
Ukraine-related western sanctions opposite Russia.”

Actual events

Jul 7, 2016: Manafort writes his longtime employee,
Russian-Ukrainian user Konstantin Kilimnik, seeking him to
offer “private briefings” about a debate to a Russian
oligarch and Putin ally.

Jul 11, 2016: GOP height week kicks off, one week before the
start of a Republican National Convention. An amendment to the
Republican Party’s breeze process on Ukraine proposing that a GOP
dedicate to promulgation “lethal weapons” to a Ukrainian army to fend
off Russian aggression
is softened to “provide appropriate

July 22, 2016: WikiLeaks
publishes a initial set of hacked DNC emails, one day
before a Democratic National Convention kicks off in

Dossier allegations

The Trump debate “agreed to sideline Russian impasse in
Ukraine as a debate issue” in return
for Russia leaking the
DNC emails to WikiLeaks. The reason for regulating WikiLeaks was
“plausible deniability, and a operation had been finished with the
full believe and support of Trump and comparison members of his
debate team.” 

Actual events

July 20, 2016: Then-Sen. Jeff Sessions, along with two
Trump debate advisers JD Gordon and Carter Page,
accommodate Russia’s envoy to a US Sergey Kislyak during the
Global Partners in Diplomacy eventuality staged by a Heritage
“Much of a contention focused on
Russia’s incursions into Ukraine and Georgia,” according to
nominee Victor Ashe.

Jul 27, 2016: Trump
binds a press discussion in that he asks Russian hackers to
“find a 30,000 [Hillary Clinton] emails that are missing. I
consider we will substantially be rewarded mightily by a press.” His
debate after pronounced he was joking.

Jul 31, 2016: Sessions, who
pronounced in 2015 that a west has to “unify opposite Russia,”
goes on CNN and characterizes US attribute with Russia as a
“cycle of hostility” that needs to be resolved.

Late July, 2016: The FBI opens
a investigation into Russia’s division in the
election, and a Trump campaign’s probable purpose in it.


Roger Stone


Paul Manafort resigns amid disastrous press about his work in
Ukraine, and Roger Stone — a tip Trump playmate and early
debate playmate — predicts
that Hillary Clinton’s debate chairman, John Podesta, will
“soon” be targeted.

Dossier allegations

Jul 31, 2016: Steele writes that a Kremlin has more
comprehension on Clinton and her debate though doesn’t know when it
will be released.

Aug 5, 2016: The chief of Putin’s administration,
Sergei Ivanov, expresses doubts about a “black PR” campaign
being run by Dmitry Peskov, Putin’s spokesman, in preference of Trump
and opposite Clinton. Says it’s been managed like “an elephant in
a china shop” and advises Kremlin to now “sit parsimonious and deny
everything,” though advises Putin that pro-Trump operation will
eventually be successful. 

Actual events

Aug 5, 2016: Roger Stone
writes in Breitbart that “a hacker who goes by the
name of Guccifer 2.0,” and not a Russians, hacked into a DNC
and fed a papers to WikiLeaks.

Aug 12, 2016: “Guccifer 2.0” releases files purportedly
stolen in a cyberattack on a Democratic Congressional Campaign
Committee. Guccifer 2.0’s Twitter comment is briefly
suspended. When it is reinstated, Roger Stone
starts a private Twitter review with a alleged
hacker. Experts shortly couple Guccifer 2.0
behind to Russia and interpretation a supposed hacker
product of a Russian disinformation campaign.

August 14, 2016: The New York Times reports new
sum about Trump debate manager Manafort’s impasse with
Ukraine. The paper reported that Ukraine personality Yanukovych’s
pro-Russia domestic celebration had

million for Manafort
for his work
between 2007-2012. Manafort has pronounced he never collected the

Aug 15, 2016: Sergei Ivanov, the chief
of Putin’s administration who voiced doubts about how the
Trump-Russia partnership was being carried
suddenly fired by Putin. 

Dossier allegations

Aug 10, 2016: Steele writes that a “Kremlin central involved
in US relations” commented in early Aug that a Kremlin had
been perplexing to build magnetism for Russia in a US by funding
several domestic figures’ trips to Moscow, including Michael
Flynn and Carter Page. The trips were “successful in terms of
viewed outcomes,” a central said.

Aug 15, 2016: Ousted Ukrainian president
Viktor Yanukovych, who fled to Russia in 2014,
tells Putin that he’s been funneling “kickback
payments” to Paul Manafort. Manafort, who had advised
Yanukovych and his pro-Russia domestic celebration from 2007-2012, was
Trump’s debate manager during a time. 

Yanukovych “sought to reassure” Putin that “there was no
documentary route left behind that could yield transparent evidence”
of a payments. Putin and other Kremlin officials remained
doubtful of Yanukovych’s assurances and feared a payments
“remained a indicate of intensity domestic vulnerability.”

Actual events

Aug 19, 2016: Manafort
resigns as Trump’s debate manager after denying that he
ever collected any payments that had been earmarked for him in

Aug 21, 2016:
Roger Stone tweets a prophecy about Hillary Clinton’s
debate chairman, John Podesta. “Trust me, it will shortly the
[sic] Podesta’s time in a barrel. #CrookedHillary”


Sergey Kislyak
Kislyak, Russian Ambassador to a United

Getty Mario

Trump says he’ll “take” Putin’s “compliments,” Sessions meets
secretly with Kislyak, and Carter Page takes a “leave of

Dossier allegations

Sep 14, 2016: A Kremlin central “confirms from direct
knowledge” that Russia’s US envoy Sergey Kislyak had been
wakeful of a Kremlin’s division in a US election, and had
“urged counsel and a intensity disastrous impact on Russia from
a operation/s.”

The central says a Kremlin has serve kompromat on Clinton
that it skeleton to recover around “plausibly deniable” channels — aka
WikiLeaks — after Russia’s mid-September legislative elections.
But a flourishing sight of suspicion inside a Kremlin is that Russia
could still make Clinton demeanour “weak” and “stupid” though needing
to recover some-more of her emails. It’s motionless that Putin himself
will have final contend over either serve Clinton kompromat
is disseminated.

Steele writes another dispatch antiquated Sep 14, 2016,
detailing a attribute between Putin and Russian oligarchs
who control Russia’s Alfa Bank. 

Actual events

Sep 7, 2016: NBC’s Matt Lauer
confronts Trump about his regard of Putin. Trump
replies, “Well, we consider when he calls me brilliant, I’ll
take a compliment, OK?”

Sep 8, 2016: Sessions and Russian envoy Sergey Kislyak
accommodate secretly in Sessions’ office. An administration official
tells NBC in early Mar — when news of a assembly breaks — that
“election-related news” was approaching discussed.

Sep 26, 2016: Page
takes a “leave of absence” from a Trump debate after

a Yahoo News news alleges that Igor Sechin offering him the
brokerage of a 19% interest in Rosneft.


John Podesta speaks to a throng during Hillary Clinton's choosing night convene in New York City on Nov 9, 2016.
Podesta speaks to a throng during Hillary Clinton’s choosing night
convene in New York City on Nov 9, 2016.

Carlos Barria/Reuters

Roger Stone’s tweets foreshadow WikiLeaks’ recover of John
Podesta emails, Obama publicly accuses Russia of hacking
Democrats, and a FBI examines mechanism server activity
between a Trump Organization and Alfa Bank.

Dossier allegations

Oct 12, 2016: Control over a anti-Clinton black
PR had upheld from a MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) to the
FSB (Federal
Security Service, inheritor to KGB)
afterwards into a Presidential Administration (PA) as it

gained momentum.

But “buyer’s distress set in” as Podesta’s
emails valid reduction deleterious to a Clinton debate than Russia
had expected. Russians injected serve anti-Clinton material
into WikiLeaks tube “which will continue to surface, though best
element already in a open domain.”

Actual events

Oct 1, 2016: Roger Stone tweets that “Wednesday
@HillaryClinton is done.”

October 3, 2016: Stone tweets that he has
total certainty that@wikileaks and my favourite Julian Assange will educate
a American people shortly #LockHerUp.”

Oct 5, 2016: Stone tweets “Payload coming.

October 7, 2016: 
WikiLeaks publishes the
initial collection of emails hacked from Hillary Clinton campaign
authority John Podesta’s inbox — one hour after a


Access Hollywood video surfaces of Trump creation licentious remarks
about women, melancholy to derail his campaign.

October 7, 2016: The Obama administration
officially, and publicly, accuses Russia of
“directing the new compromises of emails from U.S.
persons and institutions, including from U.S. political
organizations” to impact a US election.

October 12, 2016: Stone
admits to carrying “back-channel communication with Assange”
by a mutual crony who “travels behind and forth
from a United States and London.”

August-October 2016: The FBI, as partial of a
counter-intelligence charge force determined by a CIA,
mechanism server activity between a Trump Organization
and Alfa Bank. 


A Russian oligarch
shows adult in North Carolina while Trump is there campaigning,
Trump wins a election, Rosneft signs a large deal,
Page travels to Moscow again, Obama issues new sanctions over
Russian hacking, and Trump’s lawyer
entertains a back-channel assent devise for Ukraine.

Actual events

Nov 3, 2016: Russian oligarch
Dmitry Rybolovlev
flies into Charlotte, North Carolina on his private
plane. Trump’s craft lands on a tarmac mins after and
parks subsequent to Rybolovlev, whose craft stays in
Charlotte for 22 hours afterward. Trump rallies in nearby
Concord, NC.

Nov 8, 2016: Donald Trump wins a thespian and unexpected
feat in a presidential election. 

donald trump choosing night
President-elect Donald

Mark Wilson/Getty

Early December, 2016: Kushner meets with former
Russian envoy Sergei Kislyak and floats the
probability of environment adult a secure line of communication
between a Trump transition group and Russia. A few weeks
later, Kushner meets with a CEO of a authorised Russian bank,
Sergei Gorkov.

Dec 7, 2016:
Rosneft signs
a understanding to sell 19.5% of shares, or roughly $11
billion, to a multinational commodity trader
Glencore Plc and Qatar’s state-owned wealth

December 8, 2016: Carter Page travels to Moscow to
“meet with some of a tip managers” of Rosneft, he

told reporters during the

Dec 29, 2016: Obama
issues new sanctions against Russia,
job Moscow’s “malicious cyber-enabled activities” a “national
emergency” directed during undermining approved processes. Thirty-five
Russian diplomats are diminished from a US. 
Trump playmate and soon-to-be inhabitant certainty playmate Michael
Flynn is available vocalization with Kislyak about a new sanctions
and reassures him that a Trump administration
will re-evaluate them.

Dec 30, 2016: Putin announces, suddenly and out of
character, that
Russia will not retort opposite a US for a new
sanctions. Says he will wait to see how US-Russian
family rise underneath a Trump administration before planning
“any serve steps.”
Trump tweets
 “Great pierce on check (by V.
Putin) – we always knew he was really smart!”

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