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Motorcyclist captures video of Mercedes motorist attack 3 cars in reduction than a notation and speeding away

A motorcyclist from Southern California witnessed and chased down an haphazard motorist who
strike several cars in a matter of seconds and attempted to rush the

Capturing a footage on his GoPro camera, a rider, who goes by
a nickname, “Dick Danger,” pronounced he was roving his 2003 GSXR-600
when he saw a black Mercedes-Benz sedan side-swipe a automobile that
was roving in a conflicting lane. The Mercedes motorist then
proceeded about 100 yards before rear-ending a pickup truck.


After coasting for a few some-more yards, a motorist plowed into a
Toyota Prius. As a circuitously glow organise seemed to notify
authorities on his walkie-talkie, a male who claimed his automobile was
strike by a Mercedes paced angrily in a road, yelling during the
motorist as onlookers squeezed by.

The Mercedes afterwards corroborated adult a few feet, with it’s entire
front-end totally crushed, and sped away.

The motorcyclist ran behind to his bike and chased a motorist for
miles, lane-splitting between cars on a highway, and apparently
articulate to an puncture runner on a phone.


“I done a split-decision to pursue a hit-and-run motorist due
to a fact that he seemed to be underneath a change and might
harm or kill someone,” Danger described on his YouTube video.
“Driver had attempted to stop during opposite locations to censor but
can't out-run me.”

The motorist eventually pulls over and gets out of a car, during one
point, lifting his hands as if to surrender.

“You should’ve stopped behind there man, when we strike those two
cars bro,” a motorcyclist said.

“I’m only observant we was wrong,” a motorist replied.

After California Highway Patrol officers arrived on a scene,
a motorist was arrested on guess of pushing underneath the
influence, according to KABC.

Watch a full video below:

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