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Mike Pence faces recoil for clearly drifting to Indianapolis only so he could travel out after players knelt during inhabitant anthem

Mike Pence Karen Pence
Mike Pence and Karen


Vice President Mike Pence on Sunday pronounced he left an NFL game
between a Indianapolis Colts and a San Francisco 49ers early
since some of a players knelt during a inhabitant anthem.

“I will not enhance any eventuality that disrespects a soldiers, our
Flag, or a National Anthem,” Pence pronounced in a statement,
reviving what has been
a theme of concentration for President Donald Trump in recent

Some observers, however, fast criticized a clamp president’s
movement as a attempt designed during a insistence of Trump. The president
seemed to endorse as most in a twitter shortly after Pence
announced that he walked out:

Pence, a former Indiana governor, flew to Indianapolis from Las
Vegas for a game, usually to fly behind west to Los Angeles later
Sunday. He certainly would have famous that during slightest some players
would kneel before he done a trip, as it was a 49ers
quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, who final year became a initial to
do so as a approach of protesting secular inequality and police
brutality. With Kaepernick lacking a group this season, usually a
handful of players had continued a protest, yet it gained
new passion a few weeks ago when Trump began sketch courtesy to
it. Members of a press pool roving with Pence in Indiana
were reportedly told
to wait in vans since Pence competence leave a diversion early.

The Indianapolis Star also
remarkable a celerity with that a White House amplified
Pence’s walkout, finish with an central press recover and a
print of Pence station with his wife, Karen, hands over their
hearts, during a inhabitant anthem.

Outrage usually grew in a hours following Pence’s walkout, with
some observers criticizing a administration for the
taxpayer income spent on transport for a apparent publicity

mike pence
President Mike Pence before an NFL diversion between a Indianapolis
Colts and a San Francisco 49ers.

Photo/Michael Conroy

The Indianapolis Star remarkable that Pence had progressing enclosed an
aged print in a twitter about Sunday’s game. At 8:27 a.m.,
Pence tweeted a design of himself dressed in a Colts-branded
polo shirt and shawl with his wife, saying: “Looking brazen to
entertaining for a @Colts honoring a good career of #18
Peyton Manning during @LucasOilStadium today. Go Colts!”

The Indianapolis Star forked out that Pence
had tweeted a same print in Nov 2014, when he was
administrator of Indiana.

10:42 a.m., Pence tweeted another picture, this time of
himself dressed in a fit coupler and button-up station for the
anthem. An Associated Press print showed Pence in a same
outfit, giving a thumbs-up to a crowd.

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