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Michael Brown was fatally shot by a military officer in Ferguson 3 years ago — here’s how his genocide is being commemorated

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Brown’s family still mourns.


Wednesday noted a third anniversary of a deadly sharpened of
Michael Brown, an unarmed black 18-year-old, during a hands of
white military officer Darren Wilson.

Brown’s genocide roiled a roughly 20,000-strong race of
Ferguson, Missouri, stirred protests and riots, and lighted a
inhabitant discuss on secular disposition and extreme use of force in
policing opposite a country.

In 2015, a grand jury declined to accuse Wilson for polite rights
violations in a shooting, though Brown’s family after won a

$1.5 million allotment in a prejudicial genocide lawsuit.

A Department of Justice
examination of Ferguson’s policing practices also found that the
city’s officers customarily disregarded residents’ constitutional
rights, frequently conducting stops but reasonable suspicion
or arrests but illusive cause, and mostly contracting excessive

ferguson michael brownish-red military shootings protests
erupted in Aug 2014 after Brown’s death.

Photo/Charlie Riedel

Ferguson, with a mostly black race before governed by
disproportionately white lawmakers, has attempted to renovate its
military dialect and city care in a years given Brown’s

And it has rather succeeded — a city has hired a black police
Delrish Moss, hired some-more black officers, and
inaugurated several black city legislature members.

But notwithstanding a care adjustments, Ferguson residents have
argued that not adequate has altered in a village given Brown’s

michael brownish-red ferguson memorial
commemorative stands in a path nearby where Brown was shot and

Associated Press/Jeff

A organisation of some-more than dual dozen people collected during a site where
he died on Tuesday dusk to reconstruct a temporary memorial,
fixation candles, teddy bears, and balloons on a travel where
Brown was killed 3 years ago.

“Where are a military and politicians tonight?” organizer Meldon
Moffitt pronounced during a gathering,
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

“If they cared about a community, about creation a difference,
they would be here with us. They’re partial of this too.”

Activists also took to Twitter on Wednesday to commemorate
Brown’s death:

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