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Jimmy Kimmel roasted Trump and his son on Twitter

jimmy kimmel
Jimmy Kimmel.
ABC via

Comedian and late-night speak uncover horde Jimmy Kimmel
spent part of Saturday morning holding potshots
at President Donald Trump and his oldest son, Donald Trump
Jr., on Twitter. 

Trump kicked off a day by tweeting, “Late
Night horde [sic] are traffic with a Democrats for their very
‘unfunny’ repeated material, always anti-Trump! Should we
get Equal Time?”

Kimmel responded:
Excellent indicate Mr. President! You should quit that boring
pursuit – I’ll let we have my uncover ALL to yourself

Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., stepped in to
urge his father. He quoted Kimmel’s respond and asked, “Thoughts on
Harvey Weinstein? #askingforafriend.”

Trump Jr. was referring to a film writer and Hollywood
noble who has been indicted of sexual
nuisance by mixed women, including Ashley Judd. The
allegations opposite Weinstein initial came out final week, when The
New York Times reported that he had
staid lawsuits with 8 women and had been indicted of
passionate nuisance and abuse going behind decades. 

“You meant that large story from a failing, liberal, one-sided
@nytimes? we consider it is disgusting,” Kimmel wrote in response
to Trump Jr.’s tweet, regulating several of Trump’s possess criticisms
opposite a Times in an apparent hoax of the

Great we demeanour brazen to your monologues subsequent week,” Trump
Jr. replied. “You’re
substantially due for a change if usually for a impulse or

“Great – in a meantime, suffer this!” Kimmel tweeted behind after
Trump Jr. replied, and included a YouTube shave of
the 2005 Access Hollywood
fasten in that Trump is listened articulate to horde Billy Bush about
groping women but their consent.

“I don’t even wait,” Trump pronounced on a tape. “You know I’m
automatically captivated to pleasing — we only start kissing them.
It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. And when you’re a star, they let
we do it. You can do anything. Grab ’em by a p—y. You can do

Kimmel is a 
outspoken Trump
, and he ramped adult his criticisms of the
boss and a GOP this year, as 

embarked on several attempts to renovate a Affordable Care

Kimmel, whose son was 
innate with a heart
, is a 
efforts to remodel a medical system, arguing that their fix
does not offer 

adequate coverage and
protections for those with preexisting conditions.

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