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ICE executive appears to mangle with one of Trump’s pivotal beliefs on immigrants and crime

ice executive thomas homan
wants to ventilate crimes committed by immigrants — critics call
it ‘scapegoating’

Press/Evan Vucci

Thomas Homan, a behaving executive of a Immigration and Customs
Enforcement agency, seemed to mangle with one of President
Donald Trump’s pivotal debate assertions on Wednesday, suggesting
he didn’t trust immigrants in a nation illegally dedicate more
crimes than Americans.

“Did we contend aliens dedicate some-more crimes than US citizens? we didn’t
contend that,” Homan told reporters during an off-camera briefing. “I’m
saying, series one, they’re in a nation illegally. They
already committed one crime by entering a nation illegally.
But when they dedicate a crime opposite a citizen of this country,
they pull a attention.”

The matter contrasts with Trump’s visit insistence that
immigrants vital in a nation illegally benefaction a public
reserve hazard to Americans, and his insinuations that illegal
immigration and crime are linked.

“When Mexico sends a people, they’re not promulgation their best,”
Trump famously pronounced in Jun 2015 as he announced his candidacy.
“They’re promulgation people that have lots of problems, and they’re
bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re
bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, we assume, are good

executive sequence Trump sealed shortly after his inauguration
pronounced that many undocumented immigrants “present a significant
hazard to inhabitant confidence and open safety,” and stirred the
origination of an
bureau privately to support victims of crimes committed by

But a tongue contrasts with
mixed studies

display that immigrants dedicate fewer crimes than native-born
Americans, and even undocumented immigrants don’t dedicate crimes
during aloft rates than Americans.

But even yet Homan pennyless with a thought that immigrants living
in a nation illegally dedicate some-more crimes than US citizens, he
still took a tough line on bootleg immigration, observant people
“should not be comfortable” with a idea that they won’t be
targeted for deportation. He also suggested that immigrants who
are deported after lifting children in a US usually have
themselves to blame.

“US citizen families get distant each day when a primogenitor gets
arrested for a rapist charge. So those here illegally, they put
themselves in that position,” Homan said. “Not a US government,
not a ICE officers.”

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