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WATCH: Trump’s phone call with a widow of depressed Special Forces soldier

donald trump phone
Donald Trump.

AP Photo/Matt

  • A widow of a Special Forces infantryman common footage of a
    phone call between her family and President Donald
  • Trump and a widow spoke for several minutes, talking
    about a depressed soldier’s traits.
  • The footage comes amid debate surrounding Trump’s
    claims about phone calls to Gold Star families, many of them
    encountering some of his statements.


The widow of a Green Beret common a touching phone call between
her family and President Donald Trump that took place in April,
The Washington Post
reported on Thursday.

Natasha De Alencar, a mother of Staff Sgt. Mark De
Alencar of a 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne), was
returning home from creation t-shirts and pillowcases in memory of
her father when she was sensitive by a misadventure assistance
officer that Trump was on the phone for her, The Post

The phone call was done 4 days after her father was killed,
and was available by one of her 5 children, according to The

“I am so contemptible to hear about a whole situation,” Trump was
listened saying. “What a terrible thing … solely that he’s an
unimaginable hero, and we know all of a people that served
with him are observant how implausible he was and only an amazing

“I wish to conclude you, President Trump,” Natasha said.
Those difference are unequivocally kind. He was an extraordinary man, an
extraordinary husband, and an extraordinary soldier. we couldn’t be some-more proud
of my father than we am right now, sir.”

Mark R. de Alencar
Army Staff Sgt. Mark R. De Alencar.


Trump afterwards told Natasha of a regard De Alencar perceived from
his comrades: “Everyone tells me how great, we meant he’s like, he
was a leader, he was a boss, he was their friend. They all
desired him. You know, only like we do.”

“I unequivocally conclude it,” Natasha said. “I unequivocally do, sir. Thank

Trump and Natasha afterwards talked about her children and their
talents before finale a call.

“You only take caring of yourself and come around and see me when
you’re in Washington, and contend hello to your children and tell
them their father was a good favourite that we respected,” Trump said.
“I schooled a lot before we done a call. we like to learn and it’s
extraordinary what kind of a male he was.”

“So only tell them we said, ‘Your father was a good hero,'” Trump
continued. “And take caring of yourself, Natasha. I’m respected to
speak to you.”

Natasha told The Post a review was “a impulse of niceness
that we indispensable since we were going by hell.”

De Alencar was killed in Afghanistan during a firefight while
conducting counter-ISIS operations, a Military Times reported.

The theme of presidential phone calls to Gold Star families
became a theme of debate this week, following Trump’s
matter that many
prior presidents had not contacted a families of fallen
use members. Critics serve railed opposite Trump and accused
him of creation “insensitive” remarks during a
phone call to a widow of Sgt. La David Johnson, one of a four
soldiers killed in a new waylay in Niger.

john kelly
House arch of staff John Kelly.

REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

White House arch of staff John Kelly attempted to inhibit some
of a criticisms during a press
discussion on Thursday and indicted Rep. Frederica Wilson of
Florida, a congresswoman who represented Johnson, of
politicizing a issue.

Wilson was reportedly benefaction during a time Trump had spoken
with Johnson’s widow.

“It stuns me that a member of Congress would have listened in to
that conversation,” Kelly said. “Absolutely stuns me. And I
suspicion during slightest that was sacred.”

Following a controversy, several Gold Star families have
come brazen in
encountering Trump’s claims, including one that purported Trump
betrothed them a $25,000 personal check from his personal
happening that never arrived. The White House, however, claims
that the check is in a mail. 

Watch a footage of a phone call here:

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