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Watch Russia exam a nuclear-tipped barb interceptor that’s accurately as dangerous as it sounds

a-135 russian barb interceptor chief tip
The A-135 interceptor


The Russian troops recently tested a short-range ballistic
barb interceptor that’s meant to detonate a small-yield
chief warhead in a atmosphere over Moscow to forestall a nuclear

But there are a integrate of problems with that, mainly that a
chief blast over Moscow would already yield an
electro-magnetic beat outcome that would ravage a city’s
electric grid. 

The system, called a A-135 AMB, also highlights differences in
philosophies between a US and Russia when it comes to missile
defense. The US builds barb interceptors that strike to kill,
requiring a high grade of pointing and guidance. The US’s THAAD
barb invulnerability system, for example, doesn’t even have a

Russia resolution to a difficult problem of conflict an incoming
warhead during many times a speed of sound is to nuke a general
area of a sky. 

While a US tries to hire its nuclear weapons distant from population
centers. Russia has 68 of these 10 kiloton interceptors all
around Moscow, a many populous city. Unfortunately, even in the
many clever settings, chief mishaps start with troubling

Additionally, as Jeffrey Lewis, a first publisher of Arms
Control Wonk writes, interceptor misfires do happen, and with a
chief tip, that could meant catastrophe. 

“It is not transparent to me that, if a nuclear-armed interceptor were
used over Moscow opposite a group of geese, that a Russian
command-and-control complement would know it was one of their
possess or tarry a EMP effects. Then all ruin competence mangle loose,”
writes Lewis. 

The fact that a Kremlin is peaceful to have 68 chief devices
strewn about Moscow speaks to how most they fear an conflict that
would bluster a regime security. 

Watch a video below:


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