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US officials: 4th Green Beret blank after Niger waylay has been found dead

US Army Africa command
Army Africa soldiers with Uganda People’s Defence Force

AP Photo/Stephen

US officials contend an American infantryman blank for scarcely dual days
in Niger has been found dead. He was one of 4 US infantry killed
in a lethal ambush.

His physique was found and identified Friday after an extensive
search. Four Niger confidence army were also killed.

The Department of Defense on Friday also identified the
initial 3 Green Berets killed as Staff Sgt. Bryan C.
Black, 35, of Washington; Staff Sgt. Jeremiah W.
Johnson, 39, of Ohio; and Staff Sgt. Dustin M. Wright, 29,
of Georgia. 

The name of a fourth Green Beret killed has nonetheless to
be released. 

US officials contend they trust extremists related to ISIS were
obliged for a conflict about 200 kilometers north of Niger’s
collateral of Niamey.

The corner unit of US and Niger army were withdrawal a meeting
with genealogical leaders and were in trucks. They were ambushed by
40-50 militants in vehicles and on motorcycles.

Eight Niger soldiers and dual US infantry were wounded. The
officials weren’t certified to plead a matter publicly and
spoke on condition of anonymity.

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