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The Marine Corps wants to spin some of the officers into PhDs

marine officer training
Marine Corps

The US Marine Corps wants to supplement another pretension in front of
some of a officers’ ranks: Doctor.

The use is establishing two commander programs to
offer competent majors by major colonels with a
doctorate-level preparation on a Corps’ dime, as prolonged as they
determine to stay in a use for an additional 6 years.

The program’s idea is to rise a “cohort of strategic
thinkers and technical leaders able of requesting substantive
knowledge, directing strange research, and leveraging
relations with attention and elements of inhabitant confidence …
to grasp a innovative meditative preferred by a Marine Corps,”
according to a Thursday announcement.

“Uniformed doctorates yield a Marine Corps deployable,
highly-skilled manpower in support of comparison leader
decision-making as good as assisting beget national, defense,
and use strategies in an increasingly formidable world.”

The commander will expected be competitive, given usually four
officers will eventually be picked; dual will be compulsory to
pursue a doctorate in vital affairs, while dual others will be
compulsory to attend a doctoral module with a technical

Applicants will be compulsory to already have a masters
degree, or now be posterior one if they are requesting for the
technical doctorate.

The Corps wants officers to get technical degrees
in operations research, displaying practical environments and
make-believe (MOVES), information sciences, or mechanism science,
a proclamation says. Strategy degrees should be geared

national security, troops history,
open policy, domestic science, government, or some othe
associated field.

Applications are being supposed until a finish of August

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