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‘The bad guys can get in’: Hackers during a cybersecurity discussion breached dozens of voting machines within minutes

Hackers were means to mangle into US voting machines in reduction than dual hours
Hackers during DEF


  • Hackers during a cybersecurity discussion breached 30
    voting machines in reduction than dual hours.
  • The episode demonstrates a US’ continued
    disadvantage to electoral tampering by state actors.
  • Some trust that going behind to paper ballots is the
    usually proceed to ensure opposite destiny cyberattacks from Russia or
    other unfamiliar powers.

Professional hackers were invited to mangle into dozens of
voting machines and choosing program during this year’s
annual DEFCON cybersecurity conference. And
successfully hacked every singular one
of a 30 machines acquired by a conference. 

The plea was reason at DEF CON’s “Voting Village,” where
hackers took turns breaching ten representation voting machines
and voter registration systems, Politico

Carten Schurman, a highbrow of mechanism scholarship at
a University of Copenhagen in Denmark, was means to mangle into
one voting machine in minutes. 

“I could have finished this in 2004, or 2008, or 2012,”
Schurman told Politico. With entrance to a voting machine,
Schurman had the the energy not usually to see all a votes
expel on a machine, yet also to manipulate a results.

DEF CON’s hacking practice came as a US grapples with the
fallout from Russia’s division in a 2016 election, which
enclosed attempts to crack with voting systems. 

Bloomberg reported in
Jun that choosing systems in as many as 39 states could have
been pounded by Russian state actors, yet voting tallies are
not believed to have been altered or manipulated in any way.

“In Illinois, investigators found justification that cyber intruders
attempted to undo or change voter data,” Bloomberg said. “The
hackers accessed program designed to be used by check workers on
Election Day, and in during slightest one state accessed a campaign
financial database.”

The news was bolstered by a leaked NSA request published by
The Intercept in Jun detailing how hackers connected to Russian
troops comprehension had attempted to crack US voting systems
days before a election.

At DEFCON, an novice named Anne-Marie Hwang was means to gain
executive entrance to a voting appurtenance by simply regulating a
generic key like a ones check workers are given,
plugging in a keyboard to a machine, and hitting
control-alt-delete, Politico reported. 

voting machine
expel their ballots during early voting during a Franklin County
Board of Elections in Columbus, Ohio U.S., Oct 28,


Participants were also means to uncover voter information from 2002
in a appurtenance still being used in certain tools of 7 states
and opposite a state of Nevada.

Hackers performed a data despite a fact that a machine
had been wiped when it was auctioned off by a government. 

The palliate with that hackers were means to mangle into voting
machines should offer as an vicious warning vigilance to US

“‘Unhackable’ is absurd on a face,” row judge and
former Department of Homeland Security confidant Jack Braun told
Politico. “If a Russians and Chinese and whoever else can get
into NSA and Lockheed Martin and JP Morgan, they positively can
get into Kalamazoo County or a state of Ohio or a [voting
machine] vendor.”

The formula during DEF CON uncover that “the bad guys can get in,”
Braun added. 

‘If Russia wants we badly enough…they will find a

Some argue that it’s really doubtful hackers would be
means to manipulate opinion tallies in a national

Eric Hodge, a executive of consulting during CyberScout and a
consultant for Kentucky’s Board of Elections, told The Hill that
since voting machines are distributed county-to-county, it
creates it tough for intruders to pitch national

To be sure, a US central told Bloomberg in Jun that the
decentralized inlet of voting systems may have prevented
hackers from being means to use a uniform proceed to entrance and
manipulate voter data. 

But in inhabitant elections that are closely
contested, the numbers could come down to usually a few
vicious pitch districts, that could be targeted by nefarious

optical voting machine

And inhabitant elections are not a usually ones that could
infer exposed to a cyberattack. 
Virginia and New
Jersey will reason gubernatorial elections after this year, and all
435 seats in a House and 33 of a 100 seats in a Senate will
be contested in a 2018 midterm elections.

Follow a money,” Harri Hursti, a cofounder of Nordic
Innovation Labs, that helped classify DEF CON, told The Hill.
“On a other finish of a ballot, that’s where a income is —
banks and roads.”

Hodge pronounced that if officials take caring to “store machines,
set them up, [and] always have someone gripping an eye on
machines,” that could go a prolonged proceed in ensuring a reserve of the
electoral process.

But others are not so sure.

“Going behind to a scantron appurtenance is substantially a best
bet” to ensure opposite cyberattacks, Alex McGeorge, a head
of hazard comprehension during cybersecurity organisation Immunity Inc, told
Business Insider. “It’s doubtful that one could emanate software
that would withstand a courtesy of a nation-state, especially
if we had earthy entrance to a machines.”

That comment was echoed by Barbara Simons, the
Board Chair of Verified Voting, a nonprofit that studies
US election equipment. 

Simons told Politico that DEFCON practice sheds light
on the need for a US to go behind to regulating verifiable paper
ballots and imperative audits. Still, her concerns extended
to states that have begun relocating in that direction.

“Even where there are paper ballots, many ballots haven’t
been checked to see if there was any hacking or intrusion, so
even if confidence people didn’t see any outward hacking occurring
on Election Day, things could have been pounded earlier,” Simons
told Politico. 

McGeorge underscored a fact that a US will continue to
be exposed if it relies on choosing program with lax

“If Russia wants we badly enough, they will out-spend you
to find a way,” he said. “Voting is vicious adequate to be
intensely discreet about how we use computers.”

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