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The Army successfully tested a laser gun on an Apache helicopter

Apache helicopter laser
An Apache helicopter
banishment a laser weapon.


An Apache helicopter only successfully honed in on and strike an
unmanned aim with a laser gun, according to a
press recover from Raytheon, a weapon’s manufacturer.

It was a “first time that a entirely integrated laser system
successfully intent and dismissed on a aim from a rotary-wing
aircraft over a far-reaching accumulation of moody regimes, altitudes and air
speeds,” Raytheon said. The Apache strike a aim from about 0.9
miles away. 

Raytheon combined a chronicle of a Multi-Spectral
Targeting System, that is an electro-optical infrared sensor,
with a laser during the test, the
company said. 

Laser weapons are singular in that humans can’t hear or see
them, that does not bode good for a enemy, according to the
Pentagon. They’re also intensely accurate given they fire
along a true line, instead of an arc,
which bullets and artillery shells fire

They may also infer one day to be a cheaper
choice to a Apache’s 30mm appurtenance gun and hellfire
missiles, that cost about $115,000 each, according to War is

Matthew Ketner, bend arch of the
High Energy Laser Controls and Integration Directorate in
Virginia, told the Army
News Service: “Lasers don’t run out of bullets.”

But there are still obstacles to overcome, according
to Ketner. Laser weapons use a lot of appetite and, during slightest for
now, have a tough time violation by dust, smoke, and

Still, a troops has increasingly looked to laser
weapons. There has been an operational 30-kilowatt
laser mounted on a USS
Ponce given 2014.

More recently, a Air Force announced it had
skeleton to exam a laser arms on an AC-130J gunship, and that they
were operative on arming
B-52 bombers with defensive lasers.

Last month, a Army also announced that
it successfully shot down a worker with a laser.

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