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The Air Force is contrast out a B-52 bomber for use in psychological operations

B-52 bomber bombs PDU-5B cluster explosve prospectus bomb
B-52 Stratofortress reserved to a 419th Flight Test Squadron
with 8 PDU-5/B prospectus bombs underneath a left

(US Air Force photo/Christopher

The US Air Force has successfully finished dual tests of a B-52
Stratofortress bomber in leaflet-drop operations, relocating closer
to including one of a service’s biggest bombers in
psychological operations.

Personnel from a 419th Flight Test Squadron achieved two
sorties with a B-52, dropping 8 PDU-5/B prospectus bombs over
exam ranges in California.

“We are essentially looking to see protected subdivision from the
outmost Heavy Stores Adapter Beam” — an outmost pylon that can
lift adult to a 2,000-pound cargo — pronounced Kevin Thorn, the
squadron’s B-52 air-vehicle manager, according to an Air
Force release.

“We are ensuring that a bombs do not hit the
aircraft, and/or any other, formulating an vulnerable condition,” Thorn
added. “Additionally we are tracking a trustworthiness of a bomb

The PDU-5/B is a various of a CBU, or Cluster Bomb Unit. The
Air Force’s Information Warfare Battlelab repurposed Rockeye
cluster munitions to container them with leaflets. The weapon’s
nomination is formed on a contents, a Air Force said.

B-52 bomber prospectus explosve drop
support from a video shows a PDU-5/B prospectus explosve activating and
dispersing leaflets.

(U.S. Air Force

The stream indication of a PDU-5/B can lift about 60,000 leaflets
and costs reduction than $500 each. When expelled from a aircraft, a
compound detonates a explosve during a certain time to recover the

According to The Aviationist, that initial speckled a news,
PDU-5/Bs were used to drop
leaflets over ISIS militants in Syria in 2015. Previously,
they were used in
Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and Operation Iraqi
Freedom in Iraq — in a latter, they were forsaken over Baghdad
before tangible bombing started.

The PDU-5/B can be forsaken from helicopters and other aircraft.

A b52 afghanistan
A B-52 drops a bucket of
bombs in Afghanistan.

U.S. Air
Force/Master Sgt. Ralph Hallmon/AP

US F-15E Strike Eagles deployed them over Syria in 2015, and
Marine Corps MV-22B Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft forsaken them over
Afghanistan’s southern Helmand range in 2012.

“The PDU-5/B is only another apparatus that a B-52 uses in its
immeasurable and arguable apparatus box,” pronounced Earl Johnson,
B-52 PDU-5/B plan manager.

“Without a capability to lift PDU-5s on a B-52
aircraft, a imminent shortfall on prospectus dispersion capability
will jeopardise Air Force Central Command information

Business Insider asked Air Force Materials Command about
a reason for that appearing shortfall and because a B-52
privately was being deliberate for this new purpose though did not
accept a response by a time of publication.

Johnson pronounced this turn of contrast was finished, though the
B-52 will bear serve trials
regulating a inner weapons bays to muster a PDU-5/B.

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