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The Air Force and US Strategic Command contend they aren’t formulation to put chief bombers on 24-hour alert

B 52g Stratofortress jet bomber aeroplane usaf
B-52G Stratofortress bomber aircraft takes off from a runway
during Operation Desert Storm.


  • The Air Force is upgrading comforts during bases that
    residence arch bombers.
  • But a Air Force and Strategic Command both contend there
    are no skeleton to put those bombers on 24-hour alert.

Officials from a US Air Force and US Strategic Command have
pronounced there are no evident skeleton to put arch bombers on
24-hour alert.

Questions about skeleton for US bombers came after a Defense One
news that trickery upgrades during Barksdale Air Force Base in
Louisiana were partial of an bid to prepared for an sequence to go to
24-hour prepared warning with US arch bombers.

“This is nonetheless one some-more step in ensuring that we’re
prepared,” Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldfein told
Defense One, yet he and other officials stressed that no such
sequence had been given.

Among a upgrades designed at
Barksdale are a restoration of buliding for crews who could man
bombers stationed there and a construction of storage
comforts for a arch journey barb that is being developed.
The B-52 and a B-2 are a usually Air Force
bombers able of carrying out a arch attack.

While Goldfein is obliged for the
Air Force and creation certain a army — including bombers and
intercontinental ballistic missiles — are lerned and equipped
for any scenario, Strategic Command creates operational decisions
about US nuclear-weapons systems.

B52 B-52 Stratofortress bomber cockpit crew
Lance Adsit, 20th Bomb Squadron aircraft commander, and Lt. Col.
Erik Johnson, 340th Weapons Squadron commander, fly a B-52
Stratofortress above a Gulf of Mexico, Oct 13,

US Air Force/Senior Airman Curt

US Strategic Command arch Air Force Gen. John Hyten said
by a orator that he was not now deliberation putting
bombers on alert.

“There are no discussions or skeleton for US Strategic Command
to place bombers on alert. Any decisions associated to a posture
of arch army would come from, or through, US Strategic
Command,” a orator told Breaking
Defense. “We constantly train, prepared and supply our
crew to safeguard we have a combat-ready force that underwrites
vital anticipation in a 21st century.”

Air Force mouthpiece Ann Stefanek concurred that
base-infrastructure upgrades, exercises, and equipment
modernization were all function yet pronounced they were indispensable to
“maintain a baseline turn of readiness.”

“We do this customarily as partial of a organize, sight and equip
goal so a army are prepared to respond when called upon,” she
told Defense News,
observant that a lapse to warning standing was not imminent.

Air Force orator Brig. Gen. Ed Thomas also told
reporters on Monday that that he had oral with Strategic
Command and Air Force Global Strike Command, that are both
obliged for nuclear-bomber missions, and pronounced a 24-hour ready
warning was not being considered.

“There’s not any discussions or skeleton to move bombers on a
24-hour arch warning right now,” Thomas said, according to

But, when asked if a comforts being upgraded could
support a 24-hour prepared warning in a future, Thomas said,
“Absolutely they could be,” given they are built for nuclear
command, control, and communications crews. (Air Force Global
Strike Command set adult a new entity
during Barksdale to manage Air Force NC3 operations in

B2 B-2 Spirit bomber atmosphere force
Spirits land for aircraft liberation as charge clouds accumulate over
Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, Aug 24,

US Air Force/Senior Airman Jovan

Thomas combined that a Air Force customarily upgraded its
comforts yet didn’t contend if
identical renovations were holding place during other comforts where
arch bombers are stationed. He combined that a Air Force would
be prepared to plead going to ready-alert status, yet he
stressed that Strategic Command would be obliged for such a

“Right now those discussions are not happening. Could they
or would we be prepared for them? Absolutely,” Thomas said. “Could we be
doing a mission? We could mount that adult really quickly. we just
don’t wish to magnify something.”

The warning trickery during Barksdale has been undergoing work
given Aug 2016,
and Strategic Command supposing some income for a renovations.
While a trickery could residence nuclear-bomber crews, it is
some-more expected to
residence crews manning a E4-B National Airborne Operations
Center planes that are used by a invulnerability secretary and other
comparison officials during times of emergency.

US has not had a arch bombers on 24-hour alert
given 1991, and the
2010 New Start Treaty sealed by a US and Russia taboo putting
complicated bombers on warning during peacetime.

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