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North Korean hackers might have stolen tip US-South Korean fight skeleton to kill Kim Jong Un

south korea troops exercise
Korean (blue headbands) and U.S. Marines in a corner cavalcade in


South Korean lawmaker Lee Cheol-hee pronounced that North
Korean hackers have stolen personal troops documents,
including a US and South Korea’s many stream fight skeleton and
skeleton to kill Kim Jong Un, a Financial Times

Lee pronounced that invulnerability officials suggested to him
that 235 gigabytes of information had been stolen, 80% of
that has yet to be identified.

But Lee pronounced a burglary included Operational Plan 5015,
a US and South Korea’s current plan for war
with North Korea.

The news follows a May proclamation from South Korea’s
invulnerability method observant a troops network had been

“This is a sum disaster of government and monitoring [of
personal information],” Shin Jong-woo, a researcher during the
Korea Defense and Security Forum told a Financial Times of the

The US and North Korea have been intent in a secretive
cyber fight for some time, with a US reportedly conducting a
large-scale attack against Pyongyang in early
Oct on the instruction of President Donald

Since then, Russia has supposing internet infrastructure
support to North Korea in a pierce that would variegate and
strengthen Pyongyang’s cyber fight capabilities. 

North Korea has been found obliged for a series of
high-profile attacks over a years, and is still technically at
fight with a US and South Korea.

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