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North Korean fugitive reportedly confessed committing a crime ‘that led to a death’

North Korean soldiers
guards impetus in a eastern coastal city of Wonsan, in this photo
expelled by North Korea’s Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) on
Dec 23, 2013.


  • The North Korean fugitive whose shun was held on
    video has reportedly confessed to a crime “that led to a
  • Intelligence officials have publicly denied that a
    matter had been made.
  • Although a fugitive appears to be recovering,
    supervision sources contend that his testimony has been shifting
    depending on his mood.

The 24-year-old North Korean fugitive who successfully done it
opposite a North Korean limit and into South Korea underneath a hail
of gunfire was reportedly concerned in a crime “that led to a
death,” according to South Korean comprehension officials cited in
Donga Ilbo, a South Korean
newspaper, on Tuesday.

Chung-sung Oh reportedly confessed to a purported crime,
according to comprehension officials who are questioning his
credentials as partial of a customary procession involving North
Korean defectors. The National Intelligence Service, a primary
comprehension group in a country, was pronounced to be looking into
all resources of a purported death, including either it was
a murder or an random death.

A contributor from Chosun Ilbo, another South Korean news
organization, also pronounced he perceived a identical unconfirmed report
in December, in that Oh is believed to have been concerned in a
car collision involving another chairman and might have defected
in fear of being punished.

Oh, who has been recuperating after nutritious mixed gunshot
wounds, is pronounced to have a untroubled personality, according to
supervision sources. But those sources remarkable that his testimony
seemed to change depending on his mood. The review is
approaching to extend over February.

If reports of Oh’s matter proves to be true, it could
mystify a record and bar him from advantages for
North Korean defectors, according to a South Korean newspaper.
But since a supervision does not have an extradition treaty
with North Korea, Oh does not seem to be during risk of being sent
behind to a North.

Meanwhile, South Korean comprehension officials have publicly
denied Oh’s testimony and pronounced those concerned with a matter had
“never done a matter of that kind.”

The Ministry of Unification, a supervision physique obliged for
inter-Korean relations, pronounced that it could not endorse a account
since a review was still ongoing.

News surrounding Oh has turn a hot-button theme in Korea
after footage of his thespian escape
in Nov was prisoner in overwhelming detail. Following Oh’s
rescue, those concerned in a recovery, including his physician,
have been a core of media courtesy in a country.

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