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Donald and Melania Trump reportedly compared life in a White House to being in a Venezuelan jail

U.S. President Donald Trump waves as he walks with initial lady Melania Trump on South Lawn of a White House on their lapse to Washington, U.S., from Camp David, Aug 27, 2017. REUTERS/Yuri Gripas
Donald Trump and initial lady Melania Trump.

Thomson Reuters

President Donald Trump and initial lady Melania Trump met with the
mother of an detained Venezuelan antithesis personality in February
and attempted to sympathize with her husband’s predicament by comparing
life in a White House to that inside a Venezuelan prison,

The Washington Post reported on Friday.

Lilian Tintori, who is married to a Venezuelan opposition
personality Leopoldo Lopez, was during a White House to plead human
rights in Venezuela.

Many perspective Lopez as a domestic restrained condemned to scarcely 14 years in
jail in 2015 on trumped-up charges associated to a duration of
lethal antigovernment protests in 2014.

During a revisit with Tintori, a boss seemed unfamiliar
with her and her experiences, The Post reported, yet he
reportedly knew adequate to have “praised her past as a reality
radio star in Venezuela’s chronicle of ‘Survivor.'”

The boss and a initial lady also reportedly attempted to
empathize with Tintori by a source of their own
discomfort: a White House.

Melania Trump pronounced she sympathized with what Lopez had gone
by in jail in Caracas, Venezuela, adding that a White
House felt as restrictive as prison, dual people informed with the
assembly told The Post. Donald Trump reportedly agreed.

The initial lady’s mouthpiece denied that she done that comment,
revelation The Post that Trump “only offering difference of encouragement
and strength.”

After their meeting, a boss collected Tintori, Vice
President Mike Pence, and Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida for a
photo, tweeting a final
chronicle with a call to recover Lopez.

Tintori was reportedly elated
with a assembly and Trump’s condemnations of Venezuelan
President Nicolas Maduro’s government.

In a months since, Trump has intended more
sanctions on Venezuelan officials and businesses, imposed a
transport anathema on some Venezuelans and their families, and excoriated
Maduro during an residence to a UN General Assembly.

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