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A US businessman boat was ‘harassed’ by a Russian troops in a Baltic Sea

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A US businessman boat carrying American troops apparatus was
reportedly ‘harassed’ by a Russian naval vessel and
helicopters in a Baltic Sea final month, according to
Defense News. 

On May 25, the M/V Green Ridge was transporting
troops apparatus to Lithuania for a annual US and
NATO Exercise Saber Strike 2017 when it was
approached by a Russian boat and helicopters, according to
an inner news of a occurrence that was performed by Defense

US Transportation Command told Business Insider in a
statement it was wakeful of a “alleged situation”
between the US-flagged boat underneath a Pentagon agreement and
a Russian military, though did not endorse details.

“US aircraft and ships customarily correlate with other nations,
including Russia, in general seas and waters, and most
interactions are protected and professional,” US Transportation
Command said. “While underneath DoD contract, blurb shippers
are approaching to observe these same nautical laws. We expect
Russian vessels and aircraft to work safely and professionally
as well.”

Nobody was harm during a incident, a command said. The
boat also arrived safely and undamaged. 

The shipping company, Central Gulf Lines, and a primogenitor company,
International Shipholding Company, were not means to provide
additional sum on how accurately a Russian vessel and
helicopters tormented a US ship. 

International Shipholding Company filed for Chapter
11 failure in 2016, though announced on June
1st that it had emerged from failure as a auxiliary of SEACOR
Holdings Inc. 

There have been during slightest 35 such incidents between US and Russian
ships and aircraft over a Baltic Sea given Jun 2, according to Fox

On Jun 21, an armed Russian jet came within 5
feet of a US plane, and reduction than 24 hours after a NATO jet
buzzed a Russian
craft carrying a Russian Defense Minister. 

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