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15 photos of Russia’s ‘unprecedented’ uncover of force for Navy Day

Russia Navy dayA Russian Navy’s minesweeper Kovrovets fires missiles during a Navy Day march in a Black Sea pier of Sevastopol in Crimea.Pavel Rebrov/Reuters

In jubilee of Navy Day, Russia held troops parades opposite a universe on Sunday, display off ships and aircraft in a large uncover of force.

The troops parades in St. Petersburg, Crimea, and Syria, among other places, were hold on an “unprecedented scale,” according to The Drive.

Russian President Vladimir Putin attended the St. Petersburg parade, where he delivered a debate along a platform on a Neva River. 

The St. Petersburg march enclosed 50 ships and submarines, 40 aircraft, and some-more than 5,000 sailors, according to CNN.  

Here’s what a march looked like (with video during a end): 


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