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Key players in a Russia examine are revelation 2 opposite stories about a Trump Tower meeting

Natalia Veselnitskaya

Yury Martyanov
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The Russian counsel Natalia Veselnitskaya says she met with
several well-connected Russians to plead US sanctions
legislation before roving to New York in Jun 2016 for a
assembly with tip Trump debate officials, an profession told The Washington
Post on Monday.

One of those well-connected Russians was President Donald Trump’s
former business partner Aras Agalarov, who Veselnitskaya said
connected her with his son’s song publicist, Rob Goldstone.

Veselnitskaya wrote to Goldstone on a morning of a meeting
seeking either she could move Rinat Akhmetshin, whom she
described as a “trusted associate and lobbyist.” Akhmetshin, she
wrote, had been “working to allege these issues with several

Agalarov’s attorney, Scott Balber, common that email with The
Post and CNN since he suspicion it would infer Veselnitskaya had
not offering a debate deleterious information about Democratic
hopeful Hillary Clinton in sell for a meeting.

But it is not transparent either that was a usually email exchanged
between Veselnitsksya and Goldstone, who told Donald Trump Jr. in
an email on Jun 3 that “the Crown prosecutor of Russia …
offering to yield a Trump debate with some official
papers and information that would inculpate Hillary and her
sell with Russia and would be really useful to your father.”

The information, Goldstone added, “is partial of Russia and its
government’s support for Mr. Trump.”

The newly expelled emails also exhibit a inequality between
Veselnitskaya’s and Akhmetshin’s chronicle of events. Akhmetshin, a
Russian-American twin citizen who’s a longtime DC lobbyist,
primarily pronounced Veselnitskaya had asked him over lunch on Jun 9,
roughly 4 hours before she was due during Trump Tower, to attend
a meeting.

But Veselnitskaya emailed Goldstone during 9:24 a.m. seeking whether
Akhmetshin could attend. And she pronounced Akhmetshin had already
sealed a nondisclosure agreement.

Rinat Akhmetshin


Michael Tremonte, an profession for Akhmetshin, pronounced Akhmetshin was
invited to a assembly over lunch.

“He has no correlation of signing a nondisclosure agreement in
tie with a assembly and was not wakeful of the
communications between Ms. Veselnitskaya and Mr. Goldstone,”
Tremonte told The Post.

Trump Jr. pronounced in his initial matter about a assembly — which
was also attended by Trump’s debate chairman, Paul Manafort,
and son-in-law, Jared Kushner — that they “primarily discussed a
module about a adoption of Russian children.”

That statement, expelled on Jul 8, 2017, incited out to be
misleading. It did not discuss both that Trump Jr. had been
betrothed deleterious information on Clinton in sell for taking
a meeting, and that Akhmetshin had attended, too.

One day later, Trump Jr. simplified that Veselnitskaya had “stated
that she had information that people connected to Russia
were appropriation a Democratic National Committee and supporting
Mrs. Clinton.”

“Her statements were vague, ambiguous, and done no sense,” he
pronounced in that statement, adding: “It fast became transparent that she
had no suggestive information.”

Balber told CNN
that Veselnitsksaya had been focused on rising “a legislative
examination of a Magnitsky Act” though did not categorically repudiate that
Veselnitsksya had offering information on Clinton. He also did not
go into fact about who else Veselnitskaya met with before
roving to New York or what they discussed.

Balber did not respond to a ask for criticism from Business

The US upheld a Magnitsky Act in 2012 to retaliate those suspected
of being concerned in a genocide of a Russian taxation counsel Sergei
Magnitsky, who is believed to have unclosed a $230 million
tax-fraud intrigue in 2008 that concerned high-level Kremlin
officials and allies of President Vladimir Putin.

Russian President Vladimir Putin (front) and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov attend a rite to accept certification from unfamiliar ambassadors during a Kremlin in Moscow, Russia Oct 3, 2017. REUTERS/Pavel Golovkin/Pool
President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergey


The intrigue fast snowballed into one of a biggest corruption
scandals of Putin’s tenure. In plea for a law, Russia
altered a adoption process to bar American families from
adopting Russian children.

Veselnitskaya is a family counsel for Denis Katsyv, a son of
a comparison Russian supervision central Pyotr Katsyv and owners of
a Cyprus-incorporated real-estate company
Prevezon. At a time of Veselnitskaya’s assembly with Trump
Jr., a US Department of Justice was questioning whether
Prevezon laundered millions of dollars — allegedly stolen in the
tax-fraud intrigue that Magnitsky unclosed — into New York City
genuine estate.

While it is probable that Veselnitskaya betrothed compromising
information she did not have to get in a doorway with a Trump
campaign, it is doubtful she would have attended a meeting
empty-handed, pronounced Bill Browder, a owner of a investment
advisory organisation Hermitage Capital who spearheaded a Magnitsky

“Asking Donald Trump Jr. and a rest to repel a Magnitsky
Act if Trump were inaugurated was such a poignant ask that
they would have come with several things to offer, and they would
have suspicion delicately about what,” Browder pronounced progressing this
year. “They wouldn’t have come to this assembly empty-handed.”

Read a email exchange:

veselnitskaya goldstone


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