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Kellyanne Conway: Criticism of Pence’s preference to leave NFL diversion is ‘outrageous, egregious, and offensive’

Kellyanne Conway
Kellyanne Conway called


Kellyanne Conway, advisor to President Donald Trump, pronounced that
a critique Vice President Mike Pence has perceived after he

left a Sunday NFL diversion between a Indianapolis Colts and the
San Francisco 49ers after dozens of players knelt during the
inhabitant anthem is “outrageous, egregious, and offensive.”

“It takes a lot to get that man’s blood boiling,” Conway pronounced of
Pence on Monday’s “Fox
Friends.” “And to impute to someone who’s station adult for the
dwindle and all it represents to hundreds of millions of Americans
and all it signals to a world, a veterans, a unity, the
first of a good republic — to call that a domestic attempt is
truly outrageous, egregious, and offensive.”

Pence, who flew from Nevada to Indianapolis on Sunday to attend
a diversion before drifting behind to California for a fundraising
event, pronounced that while a players, who are protesting racial
injustice, are “entitled to their possess opinions,” he doesn’t think
“it’s too most to ask NFL players to honour a Flag and our
National Anthem.”

“I left today’s Colts diversion since @POTUS and we will not dignify
any eventuality that disrespects a soldiers, a Flag, or our
National Anthem,” Pence
tweeted before releasing an central matter and a print of
himself and a second lady station during a diversion for a anthem.

Pence was
criticized by lawmakers and distinguished voices opposite the
domestic spectrum, many of whom argued a act was a costly
attempt orchestrated by Trump, who tweeted
on Sunday that he had destined Pence and a second lady to
leave a diversion if protests occurred. Pence expected knew he would
leave a diversion early, given that a 49ers have consistently
protested over a past few months.

Norman Ornstein, a academician during a regressive American
Enterprise Institute, called
a pierce a “manipulation of mistake patriotism.”

Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff
tweeted, “After all a scandals involving unnecessarily
costly transport by cupboard secretaries, how most taxpayer money
was squandered on this stunt?”

Conway insisted that Pence’s assemblage during a game “has
been on a books for a really prolonged time,” though did not specify
accurately when a outing was planned.

She reiterated Trump’s argument that a NFL
protests, that began some-more than a year ago when 49ers quarterback
Colin Kaepernick sat during a anthem in criticism of police
brutality, “disparage[s] a dauntless group and women in
uniform” and American values some-more broadly.

She combined that American open opinion on a emanate expected swayed
Trump and Pence to continue vocalization out.

“I’m certain a boss and a clamp boss also see that
the polls are on their side,” Conway said.

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