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Internet lights adult over Rand Paul’s romantic drum coaster when Trump walked into a room

rand paul
Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, center, stands subsequent to
President Donald Trump during a White House signing rite for
an executive sequence on medical on Thursday.

Twitter/Jeremy Art

Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky has a difficult history
with President Donald Trump — including attacks lobbed at
any other as possibilities in a Republican primary and Paul’s
antithesis a White House-backed medical check in September.

On Thursday, a dual crossed paths during a signing rite for
executive sequence to tell tools of a Affordable Care Act,
an bid on that Paul and a White House collaborated.

Paul didn’t accurately demeanour comfortable.

Here’s Paul’s greeting as Trump entered a Roosevelt Room:

The video of his greeting fast done a rounds on amicable media
and had even been memorialized in a Twitter
Moment on Thursday afternoon.

In a video, Paul offers a few regular claps as Trump greets
a assembly and starts jolt hands. Though many of a people
in a room are smiling, Paul appears stone-faced. He quickly
folds his hands together and looks down, changeable his eyes left
and right, apparently a usually chairman in a support whose eyes are
not on Trump as a pleasantries continue around him. Noticeably,
he never shakes Trump’s hand.

Paul against Trump’s prior healthcare-reform efforts on
drift that they didn’t go distant adequate in repealing a ACA, the
medical law also famous as Obamacare. Paul’s antithesis to the
many new Senate medical check led Trump to twitter in
September: “Rand Paul is a crony of cave though he is such a
disastrous force when it comes to regulating healthcare.”

Trump done a winking anxiety to their differences on Thursday
remarks before a signing.

“I can say, when we get Rand Paul on your side, it has to be
positive, that we can tell you,” Trump said, sketch delight from
a room. “I was only observant as he’s removing adult and observant all
these smashing things about what we’re going to be announcing, I
said, boy, that’s flattering unusual. I’m really impressed.”

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