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In one of his initial vital interviews given he was shot, Steve Scalise forcefully defends stream gun laws

steve scalise
Steve Scalise on “Meet The Press.”


The deadly
mass sharpened in Las Vegas final week and
a near-death knowledge during a hands of a gunman hasn’t
publicly shifted House Majority Whip Steve Scalise’s
antithesis to new gun control measures.

In one of his first wide-ranging interviews given he was
wounded during a sharpened during a congressional baseball
use progressing this year, Scalise forcefully shielded current
gun laws. He argued President Donald Trump’s administration was
doing some-more to make existent gun tenure laws
and blamed media for misrepresenting gun ownership.

“The problem is not that there are too many guns,”
Scalise said
on “Meet The Press” on Sunday. “It’s that there are people
that will go out and mangle a law, either it’s a gun or some
other arms or a bomb. There’s no forgive for violation a law.”

When asked by horde Chuck Todd whether it was Congress’ role
to stop mass shootings by flitting legislation, Scalise argued
that a US hasn’t finished a good pursuit of “taking caring of people that
had mental health problems.”

“Some of those people finished adult going out and committing mass
shootings,” he said.

The infancy whip — who
returned to Congress in Sep after months of recovery
following a Jun sharpened that left him and several others
harmed — also argued that additional gun control measures
wouldn’t solve a US’s gun problems.

He pronounced many aroused gun incidents are committed by individuals
regulating guns purchased illegally. Scalise forked to cities like
Chicago, that have stricter gun laws though high rates of gun
violence. And he argued that media outlets don’t news on
stories where gun owners stop criminals.

“The usually thing that gets reported are a tragedies,” Scalise
said. “But it frequency gets reported when somebody indeed uses
their Second Amendment right with a gun to strengthen themselves
opposite a criminal.”

Scalise did not answer either he upheld any additional
gun control regulation, and he did not fact that gun
control regulations he supports.

When pulpy by Todd about either he supported a law
banning automatic weapons, Scalise said some of the
weapons enclosed in a ban “aren’t unequivocally automatic
weapons.” He also argued that “you haven’t seen a diminution in gun
assault with those laws on a books.”

Scalise’s talk came one week given a lethal Las Vegas
sharpened left 58 passed and nearly 500 injured. The
occurrence spurred Republicans to take a singular step, as many hinted
they could favor regulating so-called bump
stocks, a purloin modification 
that allows
semi-automatic weapons to glow some-more rapidly, simulating automatic

Still, Scalise said that it was too early for him to say
either he upheld a anathema on a purloin modifications.

“There are people that wish to rush to judgment,” Scalise said.
“Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi already pronounced she wants it to be a
sleazy slope. She doesn’t wish to stop during strike stocks. They
wish to go out and extent a rights of gun owners. And so we do
consider it’s a small bit early for people to contend they know what to
do to repair this problem.”

Watch a talk below:

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