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Google’s record €2.4 billion excellent could be only a commencement of a European calamity (GOOG)

sundar pichai google ceoGoogle CEO Sundar Pichai.Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

LONDON — On Tuesday, Google got slapped with a huge €2.4 billion excellent (£2.1 billion, or $2.7 billion) by a European Commission over an antitrust case.

It’s a record-breaking fine, some-more than twice as vast as a prior largest corner box — and it could be only a start of Google’s headache in Europe. 

The Californian hunt engine now faces intensity intrusion on 3 vital fronts: Two some-more European antitrust investigations, with a intensity to be distant some-more deleterious to a company; a hazard of lawsuits in inhabitant courts by companies allegedly spoiled by Google’s businesses practices; and a spirit of destiny European Commission investigations into other sections of a company.

€2.4 billion. It’s a lot. But it’s not a finish of a world.

Google ShoppingGoogle Shopping is displayed in a primary digital genuine estate during a tip of hunt results.Shona Ghosh/Business Insider

The €2.4 billion excellent is a perfection of a years-long review by a European Commission into Google Shopping. The regulator argues that a chain during a tip of Google’s hunt formula amounts to bootleg anticompetitive behaviour, with Google abusing a widespread position in a European hunt marketplace to foster a product during a responsibility of competitors.

Google has been systematic to compensate a €2.4 billion fine, and change a practices within 90 days or face additional fines of adult to 5% of daily worldwide turnover.

Google is deliberation either to appeal, though in a investigate note for investors published on Tuesday, Goldman Sachs argues that a excellent (while big) isn’t going to hurt Google. “We do not trust a fine, if eventually paid, would have a element outcome on Alphabet’s business or a liquidity,” analysts wrote.

What competence be some-more poignant is what comes next.

Two some-more antitrust investigations are underway

The selling box was only one of a contingent of European Commission investigations into Google. The others are into Android, a mobile handling system, and AdSense, a promotion business.

These other dual are still underway (competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager didn’t give any denote on Tuesday as to when they competence be concluded). They are distant some-more elemental tools of Google’s business than a selling service, and if Google is found to have shop-worn EU law and forced to make changes to a approach it operates, it could have some-more inclusive consequences for how a association can work and offer a services on a continent.

Plus, there’s a probability of serve multi-billion euro fines.

There is now a risk of authorised battles with competitors

European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager Google AntitrustEuropean Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager.REUTERS/Francois Lenoir

Google could now get bogged down in authorised battles with competing selling comparison sites, if any feel like they were shop-worn by a company’s practices.

“Google is also probable to face polite actions for indemnification that can be brought before a courts of a member states by any chairman or business influenced by a anticompetitive behaviour,” a European Commission pronounced in a statement.

“The new EU Antitrust Damages Directive creates it easier for victims of anticompetitive practices to obtain damages.”

The European Commission has hinted during a probability of serve investigations

Lastly — and maybe many worryingly for Google — a European Commission has also hinted that a Google Shopping statute could act as a predecessor to serve investigations of either Google abused a prevalence in hunt to foster a products (in further to a Android/AdSense investigations). 

“We have been looking into this, and today’s preference is a precedent, a fashion that can be used as a horizon to analyse a legality of such conduct,” Vestager said on Tuesday. “At a same time, we will have to take caring of a characteristics … and of march a contribution of a specific case.”

She added: “Today’s preference shows in Europe companies contingency contest on their merits, regardless of either they work online or on a high streets, regardless of either they are European or not.”

Individually, any one of these would be a vital headache for Google. Collectively, they supplement adult to a calamity that competence not finish for years to come.

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