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CIA Director Mike Pompeo: Trump is ‘incredibly demanding’ of a comprehension community

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CIA Director Mike Pompeo told MSNBC’s Hugh Hewitt that
President Donald Trump is “incredibly demanding” of the
comprehension village during an talk that
aired Saturday morning.

Pompeo pronounced he spends over 40 mins a day talking
to Trump, and that a boss is a “serious consumer” of
a comprehension community’s product.

“I conclude that since we consider it informs how he thinks about
a world,” Pompeo added. The CIA executive also drew a
eminence between a approach Trump and former boss Barack
Obama devour their intelligence, observant that his predecessor,
former CIA executive John Brennan, “wasn’t there really often” and
that Obama “consumed his comprehension in a opposite way.”

“President Trump is impossibly perfectionist of a intelligence
community, he asks us impossibly formidable questions,” Pompeo
said. “And afterwards depends on myself and other leaders in the
[intelligence community] to broach those answer for him.” 

Hewitt overwhelmed on prior reports
that suggested that Trump is not interested in being
briefed in a same approach former presidents have been. Pompeo told
The Washington Post last month that Trump prefers visuals
and “killer graphics” as opposite to denser reading material.
That’s a task, right? To broach a element in a way
that he can best know a information we’re perplexing to
communicate,” Pompeo told The Post. 

In December, Trump also pronounced that he did not require
daily comprehension briefings. “You know, I’m, like, a smart
person. we don’t have to be told a same thing in a same words
each singular day for a subsequent 8 years. Could be 8 years —
though 8 years. we don’t need that,” he pronounced during the

Reuters also reported in
May that inhabitant confidence officials strategically place
Trump’s name in briefings as mostly as they can “because he keeps
reading if he’s mentioned.”

But Pompeo pushed behind heavily opposite claims that Trump is
unfeeling in “facts on a ground” and said, “
can't suppose a matter that is anymore fake than a one
that would charge President Trump not being meddlesome in
comprehension and contribution when it comes to inhabitant security.”

“He’s an zealous consumer of a products we provide, thinks about
them and comes behind and asks good questions and then, perhaps
many importantly, relies on that information,” Pompeo

Watch a talk below:


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