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Chuck Schumer took out a pen to write what he unequivocally suspicion of a Senate medical bill

Chuck Schumer
Chuck Schumer

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and associate Democratic Sens.
Patty Murray and Ron Wyden cursed a newly expelled Senate
medical check during a press
conference on Thursday, job a Better Care
Reconciliation Act “meaner” than a House check upheld in May.

The senators stood subsequent to a pointer that quoted President
Donald Trump’s reported outline of a House American Health
Care Act as “mean.”
At a commencement of the conference, Schumer took a marker
out of his fit coupler and combined “er” to “mean.” 

“Somewhere in America, Mr. President, there’s a family who takes
a outing any Friday to revisit grandma or grandpa during a nursing
home,” Schumer said, “who sacrificed all their assets to compensate for
their medical until they had no some-more savings, and now they
rest on Medicaid to assistance compensate a cost of longterm caring in a
nursing home.”

Schumer argued that a Senate’s chronicle of a legislation makes
low cuts to Medicaid, increases medical costs and premiums,
“abandons” people with pre-existing conditions, and defunds
Planned Parenthood. He argued that a check is eventually a means
to give “giant” taxation breaks to a wealthiest Americans. 

“Every American should be seeking their Republican senators one
elementary doubt this weekend: because do a rich merit a tax
cut some-more than we merit healthcare,” Schumer continued.

Murray argued a bill strips protections for
people with pre-existing conditions and criticized what she
called “unprecedented” privacy surrounding a crafting of the
breeze legislation, which is scheduled for a opinion next

“There have been no hearings, no scrutiny, no open input,” she

Wyden argued that a Senate check is a “con” that would
frame exposed people of insurance.

“The Senate Republicans are perplexing to criminal Americans into thinking
that they are regulating problems here, when in fact what they’re
doing is causing new ones,” he said. 

Wyden, who helped qualification a Affordable Care Act, also famous as
Obamacare, called Republicans’ explain that Democrats have refused
to work opposite a aisle on a bill “a gross

“Not once have we or my colleagues been asked by a single
Republican to work on this check or plead bipartisan fixes to
a Affordable Care Act,” Wyden said. “The matter this morning
that Democrats refused to work with a other side is not only a
fiction, it’s a sum fiction.”

Schumer resolved by claiming that many Republicans reject the
idea that the supervision should provide health
word to needy Americans.

“This is a nasty check and they’re perplexing to cover it adult with
small things here and there,” Schumer said, adding, “The
many regressive — they don’t trust there should be Medicaid
during all and this is a step to eradicating it.”

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