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Anthony Scaramucci had a extensive devise to whip his White House group into figure before he was fired

Priority #1 — Improve a Culture

This is a key — everything is probable with a good culture,
zero is probable though it

a) accommodate with media members (MSM, regressive media, and new
media), where possible, on their home territory to build bridges and
encourage improved operative relationships. WH should leave old
grudges behind, though never forget.

b) accommodate with WH and cupboard communication staff to seek
constructive submit and promulgate that good ideas are welcomed
regardless of a source. This should be an ongoing modus
operandi, not an removed initiative.

c) Implement a array of professionalizing initiatives
immediately. For example, no WH communication staffer goes home
though returning all calls, emails, and texts. People might not
like a answers — but they should always be treated
professionally and respectfully (obviously, this starts with
a new Director of Communications)

d) Recognize good work in a unchanging and grave way.
Establish a meritocracy where genuine contributions to Comms are
recognized. Make it transparent that horn tooting and denigrating
colleagues is unacceptable

e) No some-more threats about leaking and inner game
playing — anyone who takes actions that do not offer the
President will be dismissed — period. We will discharge a bad
eggs and send a absolute summary to a remaining staff that
well-intentioned mistakes are acceptable, though bungle is

f) Upgrade talent incrementally — prioritize culture. New
communication staffers contingency make others better/more effective.
We need to be a good team, not a collection of talented
people with their possess agendas.

g) Reach out and combine with Cabinet, Congress, a RNC,
and surrogates and validators around a country. People
wish to assistance POTUS succeed, though they need to feel welcomed,
appreciated and empowered. Comms, justifiably or not, has a
repute as fiefdom that is formidable to work with. We need
to urge a peculiarity and apportion of interactions between
Comms and a several constituents.

Priority #2 — Comms is a Customer Service Operation — POTUS is
a Number One Customer

-before endeavour new and artistic initiatives, Comms must
some-more effectively hoop a daily/weekly restraint and tackling
of a WH Comms shop

a) Comms needs to be structurally re-organized to offer its
several customers

-a organisation dedicated to portion as a PR dialect for POTUS and
his family members. Comms need to humanize POTUS and
refinement his image. For example, POTUS is a best golfer to
offer as President. Perhaps, we welcome it with a national
online lottery to play a turn of golf with him….or a charity
auction. POTUS has a humorous and ungodly side that was
common with a adults during a campaign

-a fast response organisation dedicated to doing prohibited issues/crises
to protection some-more effective responses while enabling Comms to stay
on point/message and control normal operations (i.e. the
Clinton White House Lewinsky model).

-a plan organisation to work cooperatively with colleagues
around a WH to rise communication strategies and
specific executable skeleton that are concurrent with Cabinet
officials and a Hill for a name organisation of important

-Responsibilities need to be clearly tangible for certain
critical roles — managing family with a Hill, Cabinet
comms, and surrogates/validators. Clear structure will provide
improved opening and accountability.

b) The media is an critical Comms customer

  • POTUS can select to quarrel with a media, but
    Comms can not.
  • -Comms should find to de-escalate tensions with
    a media.
  • -Comms will continue to plea stories that
    are unfair/untrue, though also demonstrate appreciation for good and
    satisfactory coverage. Comms can be clever though being combative.
  • -Comms should settle a constructive “complaint
    box” for a media to make complaints. Where possible, Comms
    will find to make changes that make sense. Regardless,
    family with a media will urge if their complaints are
    welcomed and considered
  • c) Cabinet members and their staff are customers
  • -Comms sets a message, though cupboard members will
    improved offer POTUS if they are upheld and treated like
    members of POTUS’s team.
  • -Comms talent around a administration has
    been underutilized. This can be remedied by pity information
    freely, soliciting input, treating colleagues professionally,
    and concurrent empowerment
  • d) Surrogates/validators are critical customers.
    They need to be serviced, supported, and concurrent better.
  • e) All Comms actions/decisions need to be
    evaluated by one and usually one prism —does it assistance POTUS.
    To this end, we will lead by instance and make certain that my
    altogether conduct, tweets, inner and outmost comments meet
    this standard

Priority #3. Make a News — We Go First

a) Execution is everything!!! Diagnosing a problems is easy-
regulating it will be tough work.

-Comms needs to be run like a news channel with producers,
scripts, and narration

-there needs to be transparent particular responsibilities,
accountability, and a finish loyalty to the

-Comms needs improved players during many positions. We will give
existent staff a event to lift their games, though expect
to make changes in a considered, no/low play way

-Comms should not repair things that aren’t broken; though should
pierce fast (without rushing) to repair things a numerous
things that are

-Comms should cruise and weigh all work product and
processes. “This is a approach it is done” is not an acceptable
explanation. Communications strategy and strategies should be
evaluated formed on quantifiable metrics.

-Comms needs to act as a gatekeeper/air trade controller over
all outmost communications from a tiny (i.e. email blasts)
to a vast (i.e. cupboard member appearances on Sunday shows).
To do this, Comms contingency be super responsive. For example,
Cabinet members need to be well-informed, well-prepared, and
entirely upheld in a timely demeanour (i.e. not on a morning of
an appearance)

-Comms needs to do a many improved pursuit expecting media
follow-up and reaction. If we contend X, they will ask Y. We need
to be prepared for Y. Most Ys are predictable. It is
Comms’ shortcoming to be prepared with a response and to have
surrogates prepared for a unavoidable Ys.

b) the polished Roger Ailes theory- we practice influence
over a news cycle because POTUS and a supervision make
news — (i.e. do things on a daily basement that matter). An
effective Comms emporium will foreordain a news of a day on most

c) Comms contingency control who gets on a air/talks to the
press….always. We wish a people clear to a press. We just
wish it to be concurrent and effective. Comms should arm and
commission a people. Comms is a use operation (not a bad
cop)- we wish a people to demeanour better/succeed.

d) Comms needs to improved explain how POTUS’s actions are
assisting Americans. For example, deregulation is an abstract
judgment to many voters. We need to illustrate, with genuine life
examples, how lifting fatiguing regulations produces jobs

e) Comms needs to start progressing (chronologically). Tomorrow
will be won today. Tomorrow morning is too late.

f) Every Comms summary needs to have a sequence to Make
America Great Again and jobs

g) Comms needs to supply POTUS with opportunities to make many
some-more certain announcements. The ratio of certain to negative
is out of balance, and a shortcoming to scold this lies
with Comms. There are achievements/wins around the
supervision that go unpublicized. Comms should assistance POTUS
promulgate a Reaganesque “happy warrior” picture by sourcing and
wrapping these wins. Comms should investigate a ratio of “good,”
“neutral,” and “negative” communications from POTUS and help
pierce a ratio towards a “good.”

h) Comms should use Kellyanne Conway more. She has
consistently been a President’s many effective spokesperson,
and she provides a approach couple to a President’s historic
electoral victory.

Priority #4 — Fill a Content Void

a) to quote Obama Director of Communications,Dan Pfieffer
[sic], “there is an omnivorous ardour for content” and
“traditional news outlets don’t have a resources to produce
a volume of calm that a internet requires on a 24/7

-in further to created word prolongation (i.e. speeches, talking
points, and press releases), the WH should vastly
increases a volume of visual, video, and graphical images
that it produces to promulgate a message(s).

-for example, Comms could furnish brief (3–5 minute) videos
with comparison visitors to a WH

b) comms need to brand and rivet a broader network of
surrogates/validators to make TV appearances, write op-eds,
etc. The normal media has a poignant (albeit finite)
volume of tonnage. Either we fill it, or they will

c) POTUS should frequently yield op-ed pieces to major
publications. The op-eds will (almost always) furnish a story
of a day, and POTUS will be environment a terms of the
discussion. Op-eds yield a car for him to clear his
policies and ideas in a well-reasoned, courteous and
impressive way. Most Presidents have used op-eds sparingly to
maximize effect. But, a media universe has changed, and POTUS
should write visit op-eds to allege his bulletin (and use
adversarial newspapers to his possess advantage).

d) People are preoccupied by a lives of their Presidents and
a operation of a White House. POTUS is a biggest TV star
in history. Comms should furnish video calm that
constructively operates as “The President Donald J. Trump”
show. Obama scratched a aspect of this. POTUS should take it
to a subsequent level.

e) Rather than normal press conferences, POTUS should
take questions from genuine adults around Facebook live and/or
other amicable media platforms.

f) Comms should cruise a operation of ideas including a
modernized fireside chats where POTUS sits with a Cabinet
member (and/or comparison supervision official) to plead the
applicable issues. Perhaps, Sarah or Kellyanne could act as a
moderator. These videos should have using times of between
15–20 minutes.

g) text polling should be evaluated as a means to produce
engagement. Obviously, a polling topics would need to be
delicately considered.

h) find ways to bond POTUS with Presidential story to
constraint a importance, power, and loftiness of a office.
Perhaps, Comms could furnish “this day in Presidential history”

-There is an fundamental plea in flooding a section with
calm while broadcasting a focused message. However, the
assembly and mediums for any design are utterly different.
For normal media outlets, Comms needs to do a considerably
improved pursuit during producing a focused daily summary that is
reinforced and concurrent around a day.

Priority #5 — Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

a) “it’s a economy stupid” should be “it’s a Trump
economy.” The media (and a voters) will make POTUS possess the
economy (which is doing really well) if it goes a other way, so
he should possess it now. Comms needs to importance a economy early
and often

b) The summary should be that businesses are investing some-more and
formulating some-more jobs since they have confidence. The source of
their certainty is a choosing of a successful businessman to
a Presidency. Obama bred doubt among a business
community. Trump breeds confidence. Confidence=more jobs. Would
a batch marketplace have galloped from choosing day to year end
2016 if HRC had won? Of course, not.

c) Comms will coordinate with Commerce, Treasury, State, etc to
brand a solid tide of examples of a Trump
administration providing support to tiny and middle size
businesses. POTUS can take credit and ventilate these wins (big
and small) while complimenting a good work of people in
several departments/agencies.

d) Every certain square of mercantile information needs to echo
around a Comms eco-system, and Comms needs to find ways
to bond certain mercantile information to genuine people. The expansion in
new jobs is life changing for each day Americans. Comms needs
to move a spotlight to these people/stories

e) When a media or Democrats conflict POTUS, Comms should pivot
to a economy. For example, genuine Americans do not caring about
house amour in a White House. POTUS is heading and
fostering an economy that creates their lives better. That’s what
genuine people caring about.

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