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A North Korean fugitive tells us what life was like underneath a dictatorship

North Korean fugitive and author of “The Girl With Seven Names” Hyeonseo Lee explains what life was unequivocally like vital in a nation until she fled during a age of 17. Following is a twin of a video.

My name is Hyeonseo Lee. I’m a North Korean fugitive and we grew adult inside North Korea and we left a nation when we was seventeen. And we wrote my discourse called “The Girl With Seven Names.”

Everything we grew adult with in North Korea was normal. we suspicion usually a praising a leaders as God we know, open executions. We grew adult with those open executions.

We suspicion this was a really normal thing to do as a tellurian being. we suspicion each nation have this system. And a … a consistent open executions were a consistent sign that we shouldn’t do anything to pass a supervision and a leaders.

In North Korea we can’t contend a leaders’ name by itself. We have to put something a titles in front of a name. Otherwise, we can’t be — we can be sent to domestic jail camp. As North Koreans, we know that. We have to be clever what we are saying. By observant wrong things can be sent to jail camp. Then not usually you, though whole family will be left in a center of a night. It’s a really common believe inside North Korea.

We don’t know what happens inside though once somebody’s sent inside there can’t get out of a stay until they die. My mom told me many times that when we are outward we have to be clever what we are observant and don’t repeat a difference of what we hear during home.

This is a North Korea, exactly. Right now, we feel like we live in a — usually prison. It’s like a practical jail we live inside a country.

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EDITOR’S NOTE: This video was creatively published on Jan 6, 2016.

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