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A British proffer fighting ISIS in Syria reportedly killed himself to equivocate being captured

Ryan Lock
Ryan Lock in Syria.
around Rojava Defense Units

A British male who had volunteered with a Kurds to fight
ISIS in Syria reportedly killed himself after removing surrounded
by militants. 

Ryan Lock, 20, from West Sussex, postulated a leg damage while
fighting in Raqqa on Dec. 21 before removing surrounded by ISIS
fighters, The Guardian reported. He then
shot himself to equivocate removing captured.

The YPG told a BBC that
“trace of a gunshot wound was found underneath the

In August, Lock told his mom that he was going backpacking in
Turkey, and usually after told her that he had volunteered with the
YPG, Sky News reported. 

Lock had formerly worked as a chef, and had had no military
training, Sky News said. The YPG, however, supposing him with some
training, and he posted on Facebook that he had been lerned to
use a sniper purloin and night prophesy goggles, a Guardian

The Guardian reported that he was a “quiet and reserved” man
who favourite to play troops video games. But he was also “quite
political,” his mom, Catherine, said.

Lock had reportedly gifted a satisfactory volume of fighting before
his death. The Guardian pronounced that he got struck underneath rubble in
November during Turkish atmosphere raids. He finished adult receiving
facial wounds and after posted on amicable media: “We
got strike by Turkish jets in a night … I’m staying to finish
out my 6 months.”

Turkey and a YPG have gotten into a
series of skirmishes in a final few months. 

Lock’s mom began to worry in early Dec when she hadn’t
listened from her son for dual weeks, Sky News said. His dad, John
Plater, after found a design of his son’s physique on an ISIS
website, with a belligerent station over him behaving as if his son
was a “trophy,” a Guardian said.

A Canadian male who fought with Lock after wrote his mom and
pronounced he “died a loyal hero,” Sky News said.

“Since we listened a harmful news of Ryan, it’s been
flattering tough, generally a problems surrounding the
repatriation,” Lock’s father told BBC. “We are beholden to the
YPG for bringing him home.”

Although ISIS had Lock’s physique for a series of months,
it was after recovered by a YPG and sent behind to England,
a BBC and Guardian said. Approximately 30 Kurdish people
greeted Lock’s physique on his lapse home with roses and framed
cinema of him. 

“We magnify a insurgency of British sufferer Berxwedan Givara
for a families of all martyrs and a British people. Our
sufferer fell putting adult a dauntless fight,” a YPG commander
named Mihyedin Xirki said, according to the

The coroner of Portsmouth and South East
Hampshire said he was a “heroic immature man.”

Lock is a third British citizen to die fighting for the
YPG, a Guardian said. 

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