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84-year-old Democratic senator is bucking calls for her retirement and using for reelection

dianne feinstein
Jun 4, 2014, record print shows Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif.,
as she talks to reporters during a news discussion during on Capitol Hill
in Washington.

Associated Press/J.
Scott Applewhite

Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California announced that she will
seek reelection in 2018, silencing conjecture that she
dictated to retire after holding a bureau for some-more than 25

Feinstein announced a run on amicable media on Monday, observant her
enterprise to keep fighting for several issues confronting a country.

I’m immensely unapproachable of my use in a Senate and all
I’ve finished to assistance a people of California and the
,” Feinstein wrote on
Facebook. “But there’s still so most work left to do, from
finale gun violence, to combating meridian change, to ensuring
correct and affordable entrance to healthcare, and to giving
DREAMers a probability to stay in a United States.”

Feinstein also announced a run on Twitter, regulating an
unverified account that
remained asleep given 2013. Feinstein’s social media
strategy created brief difficulty on Twitter, until her
orator reliable a effect of a account.

Feinstein has faced criticisms from a Democratic bottom as of
late, fueling a probability of a primary plea in the
entrance months.

California State Senate President Pro Tempore Kevin de Leon, who
is rumored to
be a intensity primary challenger, has been vicious of Feinstein
in new weeks for her comments on President
Donald Trump and suggestion that
new gun laws could not have prevented a Las Vegas shooting.

Some worry that Feinstein competence be too centrist for branches of
a Democratic Party that wish to pierce some-more to a left.

Michael Thaller, a authority of a California Democratic
Party’s Progressive Caucus,
told The San Jose Mercury News in Jun that there’s a
separate “between a new multiply and a aged guard.”

“It’s not expected to reanimate if Dianne Feinstein runs for
re-election,” he said, adding, “it’s time to get some new
blood in there — some new, some-more on-going blood.”

Sen. Kamala Harris, California’s other senator, expelled a
matter ancillary Feinstein’s reelection bid.

“What Californians get from Dianne is someone who sticks to her
beliefs and achieves formula regardless of absolute opponents,
from a assaults weapons anathema to a CIA woe report,” Harris
said. “We are improved off with her care and we demeanour forward
to stability to quarrel together for California in a Senate.”

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