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14,995 nukes: All a nations armed with chief weapons and how many they have

North Korea might have some-more than triple a series of nuclear
weapons that experts recently estimated, according to a story by The
Washington Post.

new count comes around a Jul 2017 news combined by a US
Defense Intelligence Agency. According to a newspaper, which
performed a document, “up to 60 chief weapons are now
tranquil by North Korean personality Kim Jong Un.” It’s a
poignant inconsistency compared to a 10 to 20 North Korean
weapons a Stockholm International Peace Research Institute
estimated in July.

A apart trusted news performed by The Post also suggests
that a removed republic — now facing
$1 billion of sanctions authorized by a UN confidence council
on Saturday — has miniaturized a chief warheads to fit on top
of intercontinental
ballistic missiles. Recent North Korean launch tests,
meanwhile, spirit that such missiles could strech as distant as
New York or Washington, DC.

The news comes amid stretched family between a US and Russia
chief superpowers, that have reached a “low point” due to
US accusations that
Russia meddled in a US choosing and is concerned with the
use of
chemical weapons in Syria.

President Donald Trump has also hereditary a $1 trillion program
update US nukes, and Russia now strains a bill to do
a same for a arsenal. (In courtesy to Russia’s nuclear
modernization, Trump has even said, “Let
it be an arms race.”)

The Bulletin of a Atomic Scientists took note of such nuclear
tongue and proliferation in Jan by advancing a Doomsday
Clock 30 seconds. The mystic change implies that amiability is
now only 2 mins 30 seconds divided from an apocalyptic

Below is a map that shows a best estimates of
that countries have them and how many they have.

nuclear weapons nukes map count BI GraphicsSkye Gould/Business Insider

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