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The startling reason some countries expostulate on a left side of a road

Some 76 countries and territories use left-hand traffic, and a use is believed to have originated in ancient Rome to assistance urge opposite rivalry attacks.

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Why do some countries expostulate on a left side of a road? Most of a universe drives on a right side of a road. But around 76 countries and territories use left-hand traffic.

The use is believed to date behind to ancient Rome. Romans directed their carts and chariots with a left hand, to giveaway adult a right so they could use weapons to urge opposite rivalry attacks.

This carried over into Gothic Europe and in 1773, a British supervision upheld measures to make left-hand trade a law. But postrevolution France adored a right.

Napoleon was left-handed, and roving on a right valid to be an intimidating troops tactic. Britain and France brought their pushing styles to their particular colonies. That’s because many former British territories are among a few complicated left-hand-traffic countries.

In a US, right-hand trade goes behind to a 18th century. Freight wagons were pulled by teams of horses. and a drivers rode on a left back horse, regulating their right palm to some-more simply control a team. Traffic shifted to a right so drivers could simply equivocate collisions.

Eventually, with a arise of a vehicle and boost in tellurian traffic, many countries switched to a right to fit in with neighbors — including Samoa, that only switched from a left in 2009.

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