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8 things that expostulate French people nuts about American offices — and clamp versa

ParisEverything from your coffee mangle to your assembly with your trainer is different.Philippe Wojazer/Reuters

If you’re roving abroad for business, we can take an eight-hour moody from New York to Paris and feel like you’ve only landed on a opposite planet.

Why are people slow over dessert in a center of a workday? And because was your new French co-worker so taken aback when we asked about his kids?

The strife between American and French business cultures is something Emma Seppala and Erin Meyer have thought about a lot.

Seppala changed to a US from France when she was certified to Yale University for college; currently she teaches during Yale and Stanford University. She’s also a author of a book “The Happiness Track.” Meyer changed to France from a US 17 years ago; currently she’s a highbrow during INSEAD and a author of “The Culture Map.”

We asked Seppala and Meyer to tell us about a biggest differences between work in France and a US, that they’ve complicated and gifted firsthand. Below, we’ve collected some of their insights.

As you’re reading, remember that there’s no concept right or wrong approach to go about work — it depends on where we live and what a people around we expect. Remember, too, that not each French or American chairman will fit a descriptions below. These are simply ubiquitous observations that can assistance we ready to do business in another country.

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