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The Ferrari GTC4 Lusso is singular in a universe of high-performance cars (RACE)

OK, so what’s a GTC4 Lusso like to expostulate — and what’s a verdict?

OK, so what's a GTC4 Lusso like to expostulate — and what's a verdict?Hollis Johnson

It’s unequivocally an alleviation over a FF, even yet it represents a delay of a offbeat shooting-brake idea. The FF was fun to expostulate and supposing a determined Ferrari owners or stream Ferrari owners with a some-more noble and versatile vehicle.

OK, what I’m observant here is that a GTC4 Lusso, and a FF before it, is a Ferrari for a patron who doesn’t indispensably find a mid-engine two-seater to be all that appealing since that patron isn’t a barely-grown-up 15-year-old.

So yes, a GTC4, like a FF, has been tagged as a comparison person’s Ferrari, even yet Ferrari has explained to a media that a patron of a all-wheel-drive stallion-wagon is younger than a standard Ferrari customer.

Regardless, a GTC4 fits precisely into a classical horizon of a princely European grand tourer, a appurtenance finished for weekend runs between city and ski board — with a large and that a AWD complement creates bad continue a non-challenge and a behind foot provides copiousness of space for ski boots and select parkas.

We didn’t persevere a GTC4 to this purpose, though we did spend a weekend servile in a substantial charms, from a stately snarl of a V-12 to a miraculous acceleration to a cruising comfort to a engaging four-wheel steering, with a behind tires assisting with control. The gearshifts are robust, served adult with unequivocally kick-in-the-pants feeling, if that’s your thing — we’re not articulate about McLaren speed with a changes, though if you’re even somewhat accustomed with Ferrari’s pretentious gearboxes, this section won’t disappoint.

The AWD complement is difficult and technically unenlightened to explain, so sufficient to contend it sends traction to a wheels that need it when they need it, and vectors it divided when they don’t — such as when a GTC4 is rolling along in a true line during a authorised speed limit, in that box a new Ferrari becomes a rear-wheel-drive-only vehicle.

Because a GTC4 is a comparatively large GT and not a snarling small sports car, we don’t commander it as we would a 488 GTB. But we can gaunt on it into a corner, dropping down a few gears and afterwards punching a exits in competition mode on a manettino. The hold will be there.

The steering isn’t during all heavy, nor is it overly light — a feel is usually right for a automobile like this. There’s no competition mode, and a empty snarl in comfort mode has been dialed behind from a cry of a FF, though a GTC4 is still a ton of fun while never entrance off as obnoxious.

I favourite a FF, and we like a GTC4. To be ideally honest, nonetheless a GTC4 improves on a FF in many, many ways, I’m zagging when others are zigging about a automobile — a FF was some-more about driving, while a GTC4 realistically updates a automobile to be some-more orderly around record and convenience. Modern Ferraristi shouldn’t have to humour with superannuated infotainment, so a zigging is worthy and I’m blissful Ferrari is timid a FF. It doesn’t wish to interest to drivers like me forever, as it would remove sales.

The bottom line is that with a GTC4 Lusso, Ferrari has finished what usually Ferrari can do: build a improved Ferrari.

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