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Tesla has 6 ways to lift income — here are a pros and cons of any (TSLA)

Elon MuskTesla CEO Elon Musk.REUTERS/Danny Moloshok

On Monday, Tesla announced that it would emanate holds to lift $1.5 billion. 

This debt charity will be a depart from Tesla’s prior fundraising vehicles. The ratings agencies didn’t run for a hills though. SP wrote:

We endorsed a ‘B-‘ ratings on Tesla notwithstanding a aloft debt precedence following a due charity to simulate a softened liquidity. The charity will yield a association with an adequate pillow to account a arriving maturities and poignant collateral expenditures (capex) over a subsequent 12-18 months following a launch of a Model 3.

And Moody’s commented:

The fast opinion reflects Moody’s expectations that a conveyance levels and profitability of a Model 3, total with an adequate liquidity profile, will capacitate a association to materially strengthen a handling opening and credit metrics during 2018.

Tesla’s debt is deliberate comparatively high-risk. But a outcome from a ratings agencies is that holding on additional debt during this connection reduces a altogether risk to Tesla’s change sheet.

But borrowing some-more isn’t a usually approach Tesla can lift funds. Here are 5 others and some pros and cons to each:


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