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Why Google says it killed a Pixel 2’s headphone jack, even yet it called out Apple final year for doing a same thing

pixel 2 xl bottom
Google’s new Pixel 2
phones don’t come with a headphone jack.

YouTube/Marques Brownlee

During a large Pixel eventuality on Wednesday, Google didn’t linger
when it got to a partial about a blank headphone jacks on its
new Pixel 2 smartphones.

Google’s new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are blank of a aged but
entire 3.5 mm headphone jack, even yet Google
poked fun during Apple for stealing a headphone jack from its
iPhone 7 lineup in Oct 2016.

Here’s a slip Google enclosed in a strange Pixel phone
proclamation final year.

Google Pixel strange poke during Apple headphone jackGoogle

Unlike Apple and a “courage”
logic for stealing a headphone jack from a iPhone 7,
Google didn’t strew any light on because it private a headphone jack
from a new Pixel 2 smartphones during a event. Google’s
product chief, Mario Queiroz, did, however,
tell TechCrunch because after a presentation.

It turns out Google wants to make destiny Pixel phones with
thinner bezels around a display, and stealing a headphone
jack “sooner rather than later” will make it easier to “make the
shift,” Queiroz told TechCrunch.

Queiroz’s matter raises questions about because Google didn’t make
a change now and give a Pixel 2 phones a ultranarrow bezels
it wants to supplement to a destiny Pixel phones. Apparently, Google
wanted to have dual front-facing speakers on a phones, which
wouldn’t concede for a ultranarrow bezels that’s you’d find on
a iPhone X or Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and Note 8 phones, according
to TechCrunch.

pixel 2 phones
Google skeleton to make
destiny Pixel phones with ultranarrow bezels.

Associated Press/Jeff Chiu

Removing a headphone jack from a Pixel 2 phones also gave
Google a event to deliver a new
Pixel Bud earphones, Queiroz said. The Pixel Bud earphones
are Google’s chronicle of Apple’s AirPods, that are designed to
palliate a transition from connected headphones to wireless ones, at
slightest for those with headphone-jack-less iPhones.

pixel buds
Google Pixel

Matt Weinberger/Business

Either way, my feelings about stealing headphone jacks on
smartphones are mixed. On a one hand, we hatred wires, and I
already use wireless headphones. On a other hand, headphone
jacks are useful when wireless-headphone batteries die, and many
wireless varieties come with headphone wires in box you’re out
of strech of a charger.

Google did contend a Pixel 2 phones will come with a USB-C
headphone-jack adapter — so you’ll have to keep a adapter handy
in box your wireless headphone batteries die, or if we devise on
gripping your connected headphones.

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