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We visited Amazon’s pell-mell jobs satisfactory and found a discouraging discernment about a American economy (AMZN)

Amazon Jobs DayHundreds of people incited out.Sarah Jacobs

On Wednesday, Amazon hosted a colossal, nation-wide jobs satisfactory it billed as a largest in a US.

In an bid to fill 50,000 room jobs during a company, a online sell hulk invited people opposite a county to debate 10 of a warehouses and request for these jobs in person.

Open jobs seem like good news, though a mass audience for Jobs Day reveals a discouraging discernment about a American economy. Business Insider’s Pedro Nicolai da Costa wrote that a mass audience indicates that workers are unfortunate for jobs and that the economy is nowhere nearby full employment, notwithstanding a Fed observant otherwise. 

According to Glassdoor, Amazon room workers make around $12 an hour, that CNN reported is subsequent a inhabitant normal for room employees though above a inhabitant normal for sell workers. However, Amazon offers room employees benefits, including fee reimbursement, 401(k) matching, and limited batch options. 

At a room in New Jersey, hundreds of people waited hours during a time for these jobs.

As of Thursday, a association hadn’t strike its goal of 50,000 hires.

“A record-breaking 20,000 applications were perceived on this day alone with thousands of pursuit offers extended to possibilities and some-more to come in a subsequent few days,” Amazon clamp boss of tellurian resources John Olsen pronounced in a statement. “We continue to routine possibilities during events opposite a nation and design that to continue over a entrance days. We’re vehement to acquire these new employees to a Amazon team.”

The Robbinsville, New Jersey, room alone had 1,500 jobs adult for grabs, according to internal news opening NJ.com. When we stopped by, we watched as hundreds of people incited out to try to obstacle a role.

Here’s what we saw during Amazon Jobs Day during a Robbinsville warehouse:

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