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THE SHIP-FROM-STORE REPORT: Why bequest retailers need to rethink a purpose of their brick-and-mortar stores

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Digital is dismantling a sell attention section by brick. The many successful retailers are a ones with abounding digital businesses, while earthy stores are apropos some-more liabilities than assets. 

However, e-commerce isn’t but a challenges. In contrariety to loss direct for in-store retail, rising direct for online sell has combined a bottleneck during a accomplishment stage, whereby carriers and retailers are struggling to conduct a augmenting volume of online orders. This is presenting an event for bequest retailers to precedence their feeling of earthy sell space to assistance perform these sales.

Ship-from-store — a accomplishment routine where retailers use batch from their store’s estate to perform orders — can assistance brick-and-mortars develop and equivocate stagnation. This process is an essential plan for bequest retailers since it can assistance them tarry digital intrusion and sojourn rival with e-commerce giants like Amazon. 

In a new report, BI Intelligence explains how sell stores have spin a guilt and assesses a event to use stores as placement points for online orders. It also breaks down how a ship-from-store process works, and examines a benefits, a stairs indispensable to exercise it, a retailers best positioned to use it, and a implications it presents for a attention during large. 

Here are some pivotal takeaways from a report:

  • E-commerce is cruising with no denote of negligence down. BI Intelligence forecasts that digital sell sales will strech $632 billion by 2020. This means online sales will continue to eat into in-store purchasing, fixation vigour on brick-and-mortars to sojourn profitable. 
  • Digital is relocating to a core of retailers’ strategies, and existent genuine estate can be leveraged to support a digital business. Large retailers’ stores are densely distributed, providing an event for them to offer mixed purposes.
  • Ship-from-store has proven to be profitable for retailers that have tested it. The formula retailers have seen embody aloft sales, faster smoothness times, easier register forecasting, softened margins, and reduce costs.
  • Large retailers with densely distributed stores and low-turnover register are in a best position to exam a ship-from-store model. Retailers need plenty block footage to spin existent aisles or backrooms into storage for online orders, and slower turnover in sequence to modify additional register to online orders. 

In full, a report:

  • Explains how bequest retailers can precedence their earthy space to support placement for e-commerce channels. 
  • Details a stairs that retailers have to take in sequence to exercise a successful ship-from-store model.
  • Discusses a characteristics that make a tradesman good positioned to advantage from branch its stores into placement centers. 
  • Provides discernment on how a ship-from-store indication can enlarge a sell attention during large.

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